So…….. What is this website about anyways ?

  • To share things that I love whether it’s anime, computer, gadgets, figure and more
  • A bit about my life.
  • To meet fellow bloggers around the world.
  • My media to learn more in-depth about html, css, javascript, php, mySQL, search engine optimization  and other various web technologies so I apologize in advance if something does not work the way it’s supposed to be ^^;;
  • Tech related news.

About Me

Anime has been my passion since I was a litte kid and I remembered in my childhood I was watching Voltus-V and Saint Seiya ^^b. Back then anime was not as popular as it is now in Indonesia and it hadn’t gone mainstream like now where everyone knows Naruto and Bleach. My all time favourite anime is Card Captor Sakura and how it leaded me to my online nickname Saku.

In anything such as forum, characters name in game, profile , etc, I always use SakuraKinomoto or any variation of it, however, the name ‘Saku’ has an interesting story behind it. My FFXI linkshell (guild) member called me ‘Saku’ since my character name is SakuraKinomoto which is too long and too hard to say it and funny things when I met most of them in real life, they still call me Saku instead my real name so since then I just use Saku as my online name.

Computer hardware is my other passion and everyday, I always check a computer forum that I usually go for tech related news. I tend to upgrade my computer at least once a year just to keep with the technologies.

In summary, Anime + Computer hardware = 2 expensive hobbies = Saku is broke -_-;;.