I started watching anime when I was very young and at the time, anime was not easily accessible. I remembered that I had to rely on VHS/Betamax video. The first anime I watched was probably Voltron series but at the time, I didn’t realise that this was an anime.

If I have to pick one series that got me into anime was definitely Card Captor Sakura. I think I was so hooked on this series, I used (still do) Sakura or some other variations as my nickname in many internet forums or characters in any MMORPG I played.

The name of my blog or my internet name, Saku, was also derived from Sakura Kinomoto, the main heroine in Card Captor Sakura.

Anime Girls NYC

image Anime: Dragon Ball Z Genre: Action, Adventure, Martial Arts, Superpower, Comedy, Shounen Rating: 8.5/10

I love to hear stories of how people got into anime. Some may have stumbled upon it like me. Some may have been told by their friend or sibling. Whatever the story is I will love to hear.

How I got into anime?

One day when I was like 10, I was flipping through the television channels because nothing was on. Now this is before you can go on the Internet and go to whatever anime site. This is before Netflix, Hulu plus and etc.

Suddenly, I stopped on a channel that had a guy with spiky hair in a armored uniform with a tail and another guy who looked like him with an orange suit. They were in the midst of battle. The guy in the armored suit was extremely strong beating up the other…

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