Macross Δ (マクロスΔ) is a sequel to Macross Frontier series which was released back on 2008. Macross Δ is being produced by the same studio as Macross Frontier, Satelight. While it’s not a requirement to watch previous Macross series, I found few references to previous Macross series and glad that I just finished original Macross series so I could relate to some of the references.

Will it live up to the success of previous series franchise?


Macross Δ takes place eight years after the events with Macross Frontier. A mysterious syndrome called Var Syndrome plaguing various races across the galaxy called the Brisingr Globular Cluster. To fight against Var Syndrome, an idol group named Walküre was formed of four girls protected by a Delta squadron consisting of competent Valkyrie pilots as their guardians.

Hayate Immelman, one of Macross Δ main protagonists, is a 17-year old young man who wanders around the galaxy. He has done various type of jobs in an attempt to look for his calling.  His boring daily life changed instantly when the city he worked in got attacked by Aerial Knights Valkyrie from the Windermere Kingdom.

During the battle between Delta Squadron and Aerial Knights, he boarded into a crashed Valkyrie fighter and saved Freyja Wion, another Macross Δ main protagonist. Freyja aims to be part of Walküre unit and is on her way to audition to become one. Unfortunately, she got caught in the middle of a battle between infected Zentradi pilot + Aerial Knights and Delta squadron.

Amazed by Hayate’s talent in flying a damaged VF-171 Nightmare Plus to save Freyja, he got recruited by Delta Squadron. Both Hayate and Freyja meet again at Ragnan to follow their dream to fly and sing.


All Macross series follows a similar theme that’s centralised on idols, songs and valkyrie pilots. And this applies to Macross Δ as well and those traits are the main attraction of Macross series, thus, if you enjoy previous Macross series, you likely will enjoy Macross Δ as well. Even for myself who previously only watched Macross F, Macross Δ is one of few series I look forward every week on Sunday.

With previous Macross Frontier, the two main seiyuu, May’n (VA of Sheryl Nome) and Megumi Nakajima (VA of Ranka Lee), were relatively not well-known, at least, I never heard of them until their popularity rise due to all the songs they sang in Macross Frontier.

Macross Δ takes a similar approach as they hire an unknown seiyuu to do the voice of Freyja Wion and her name is Minori Suzuki. She does not have any previous seiyuu role in any series according to MyAnimeList. I pray for her success in this series and hopefully, this series can raise her fame and seiyuu career like May’n and Megumi Nakajima in Macross Frontier.

On the other, Hayate is voiced by Yuuma Uchida who also has relatively a shortlist of experience as main characters in anime series. His notable recent role was in Classroom Crisis as Nagisa Kiryuu. He’s also a younger brother of Maaya Uchida who has raised her fame in last few years with many major roles as the main character, for example, Rikka in Chuunibyo.

Up until this post, there were six episodes aired for Macross Δ. I thought all of them were really great and complement each other as well as the series. Whether it would be character developers, battle scenes, humour and background story, they were all there. Each episode told us a little bit more about Macross Δ (Delta) universe and character development for main characters, supporting characters and antagonists as well.

Both OP – Ichido dake no Koi nara and ED – Rune ga Pikatto Hikattarawere sung by Walküre unit idol i.e. all seiyuus of the 5-person idol group. Both are a good song but I felt like OPs/EDs in Macross Frontier had more impacts and also any insert songs within episodes. Yes, yes, I know…. we’re only at episode 6 so far so there are many more songs we yet to hear so I’ll reserve further comments until I hear more :).

Now, is this series worthy enough to watch, to spend your previous 25 minutes per week out of your busy life ? I would say yes, two thumbs up from me. Regardless whether you’re a Macross franchise fan or not, you would enjoy this series and each episode. It’s after all one of few series I look forward each week and a top contender of best anime in Spring 2016 Anime Season.

What do you think about the series so far ? let me know what your thoughts in comments below.

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