Today was our last day in Tokyo, Japan and we had a flight to catch in the evening at Narita Airport which happened to be delayed for 2 hours. It took about 2 hours bus ride from our hotel in Ikebukuro area to Narita airport.


We didn’t realise that it would be delayed until we checked in our luggage, otherwise, we would have taken a later bus. In our last day, we were hoping to pay another visit to Sunshine City, specifically, Animate store for one last time before we had to go back. The stored opened at 10am which was perfect as we could spend about 1 hour before we had to check out from our hotel.


When we got there before 10am, there was already a line up to get in but it was not as crowded when we went there on the day before. Most people who lined up were girls. In this Animate store, they have one (or two) floor dedicated to BL/Fujoshi related merchandise. I found out that you would know you were on the wrong floor when there were only girls around :).


Beside Animate entrance, they had these large posters about some anime series. I believe the second poster was from Yowamushi Pedal but I was not sure, which series the first and third poster were from. In addition, right beside Animate building, they also had Animate Cafe located on the 3rd floor.


Since it’s early morning, I finally had the chance to take a picture of Tobio Kageyama from Haikyu!! anime series about a high school volleyball team.

We spent about one hour at Animate and went through each floor. I bought Sword Art Online light novel vol 14 to 17 and my wife bought some keychains.Then, we went back to our hotel and on our way, we grabbed some lunch at Yoshinoya. I forgot to take some pictures but we got a small beef bowl and chicken bowl with an egg on top. My son really loved Yoshinoya for some reasons.


Our bus arrived at 1pm at our hotel and we arrived at the airport around 3pm. We quickly checked in, got through the immigration and went to our gate. Since there’s still some until our flight, we strolled around at Narita airport and went to check out few gift shops.

My wife wanted to buy Tokyo Banana and purchased a box. On her way to the cashier, she heard some Japanese people talking about Tokyo Banana and didn’t understand what so good about Tokyo Banana. I could be wrong but I think Tokyo Banana was meant for tourist. In term of flavour and taste, I didn’t find time particularly amazing in any way.

After we got our Tokyo Banana, we also found another gift shop that sells Hello Kitty candies. We couldn’t resist temptation and bought some for ourselves.

Before we departed for Toronto, we decided to get some late lunch/early dinner. This was our last meal in Japan and we surely will miss Japanese a lot. With that said, that ended our vacation in Tokyo, Japan.

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