Our main destination for Day 6 was Shibuya and surrounding areas. We woke up around 6:30am and ate a Japanese curry bun with a cup of green tea. We left our hotel around 8am.


We went to Ikebukuro station and took Yamanote line to Shibuya; the ride was about 15 minutes. It’s a peak of rush hour and we got to experience what it felt like to ride a train during rush hour. It was really cramped and everyone was pretty much shoulder to shoulder; such is typical of rush hour similar to what we experienced back in Toronto. Note that if you have small children with you, you may want to go earlier or a little bit later as it’s much easier to travel around.

After we arrived at Shibuya station, we immediately searched for an exit to Hachiko statue and there’s a clear sign/direction on which exit to take. It’s quite a bit of a long walk from where we got off but we finally managed to get there. There were few people taking pictures when we got there but it was not crowded in any way. We took some family pictures with the Hachiko and selfies. Unfortunately, when we got here, my son fell asleep. Poor little guy was probably still tired from yesterday + ongoing jetlag which was rough on small children as they don’t know how to adjust their body clock easily.

After Hachiko, we took some pictures of surrounding area for its famous Shibuya crossing. If you watch any anime or Japanese drama, you frequently see this Shibuya crossing on the background.


I tried my first attempt to take a panoramic picture with my cell phone Nexus 6p since I was trying to take the whole surrounding area of Shibuya crossing. The result came out ok I think. It looks great for a background for my blog/facebook page. Having a dSLR/mirrorless with fish-eye lens surely come in handy in this situation.


We went back to Shibuya station and took Fukutoshin line to Meijijingu-Mae station. It’s about 2 minutes ride since it’s just one station after Shibuya. We could walk to Meijijingu-Mae station, however, we wanted to avoid long walks whenever possible with our 3 years old son.


On our way to Fukutoshin line, we saw this add for Love Live School Idol Festival. It looks like they will be having an event on May 21 and 22 and it’s probably related to the special event where they have actual arcade machines to play Love Live School Idol Festival.


We also this banner with Doraemon in it. I think it’s some sort of warning or message because Doraemon faced the other way and showed his butt. If any readers can read Japanese, let us know in a comment below what it says.


Another interesting shop we encountered was this Condomania shop which specialises in selling different type of condoms. The location was kinda unique as it’s between two streets and it has a triangle shape store.


We arrived at the Meijijingu-Mae station and headed for Kiddy Land which was located on Omotesando St. between Omotesando station and Meijijingu-mae station. Omotesando st. has many clothing stores, mostly branded stores like Channel, Louis Vouton, etc and there also had small coffee shops and various snacks like Ben & Jerry ice cream. For comparison, Omotesando St. reminded me of Bloor St. in Toronto and Robson St. in Vancouver as they have similar vibes and stores.

We arrived at Kiddyland around 10am, however, the shop was not open yet. It opened at 11am during weekdays and 10:30 during the weekend and public holidays. We went to a nearby coffee shop called Island Vintage Coffee (which was actually a franchise) and ordered ice matcha latte and ice coffee. It might not be the exact name since I couldn’t remember them.

After chilling for one hour at Island Vintage Coffee, Kiddy Land was finally open and we all charged inside and be a child again for ~1 hour.

Kiddy Land sells various merchandise such as Hello Kitty, Doraemon, Sailor Moon, Star Wars, Disney, Ghibli and Snoopy. They even have Thomas train in there. Any kids would love to be in Kiddy Land. Even my wife and I love this store. There is just so many cute merchandises that we wanted to get our hands on. We felt like we wanted to buy everything we saw in there and the only thing stopped us was budget constraint :). We also saw a giant Totoro doll selling for 40,000 yen which we fell in love with and wanted to take it home.


It’s close to 12noon when we finished exploring Kiddy Land and it’s time for lunch. My wife researched on the internet prior to our trip to this restaurant called Heiroku Sushi which sells sushi on conveyor belts. I believe my wife found it on Tokyo Cheapo website. We knew we wanted to eat at this type of place at least once.


They have different colour plates and each of them had a different price ranging from ¥130 to ¥600. Green plate was the cheapest and white plate was the most expensive one. We didn’t eat anything on white plates. The great thing about this place was that the staff spoke English very well and they also had English menu which was perfect for us.


When we arrived at Heroiku Sushi around 12 noon, there was barely any people in it. Fast forward an hour later, the place was packed and there’s a long line up in front of it. We were lucky that we got there early. We also saw many tourists coming in and tried on Heroiku Sushi. Unfortunately, we didn’t take any food pictures because we were too busy stuffing ourselves with sushi :).

Heroiku has a wide-range selection of items and we were thinking to visit this place again if we were to visit Tokyo again in the future. We thought it’s definitely worth a re-visit and was a great place for our son since the whole conveyor belt just fascinated him.

After nice big lunch, we strolled around Omotesando hills and stopped Max Brenner, Chocolate by The Bald Man. I chuckled when I saw the tag line. Max Brenner is actually a franchise originated from Israel. You can check its fascinating history at Wikipedia.


On our way back to Meijijingu-Mae station, we passed an Apple store. Unlike the one we have back in Toronto, the staffs i.e. Apple Genius did not wear a blue T-shirt, instead, they wore a green T-shirt. We went back to our hotel to get some rest before dinner time.


For dinner, we went to a nearby Lumine mall for our dinner. They had bunch restaurants on the 8th and 9th floor. The restaurant we went to was called おぼん de ごはん. They had a variety of dishes with rice. They all came in as a set. I ordered the set with tuna covered in breadcrumb on it. In addition, you can have as much as rice and miso soup as you’d like. We didn’t get any second though since the portion was big enough for us.

That summarises our day 6 in Shibuya. It’s just two days left until we have to fly back to Toronto. If you haven’t done so, check our other adventures on Day 1, Day 2 – Daiba,  Day 3 – Ghibli MuseuDay 4 – Tokyo Disneyland and Day 5 – Asakusa, Tokyo SkyTree and Akihabara, Day 7 – Ginza and Ikebukuro and Day 8 – Final Day.