After exhausting Day 1 due to long flight from Toronto to Japan, all of us slept like a log that night but we all woke up around 3am in the morning due to jet lag. It worked out great for me as that’s when I had some time to write my blog post.

For day 2 in Tokyo, our plan was to visit Tsukiji fish market and Gundam at Odaiba.

Based on youtube videos we watched, we had to be there very early in the morning to see the fish auction. Fortunately, we double checked it first with the hotel receptionist who kindly checked it for us and gave them a call the night before. Afterwards, we found out that it’s good that we decided to visit it today as they closed for next three days according to Tsukiji Fish Market calendar.

We left our hotel around 6:30am and went to Tocho-Mae station then took the Oedo line to Tsukijishijo Station. The trip took about 30-35 minutes including walking to and from the stations.

As soon as we arrived at Tsukijishijo station, we all could smell the fishy/ocean smell. That meant we arrived at the correct destination. When we got out from the station, the area was packed with a lot of people and saw a lot of tourists as well, in particular, Chinese. My wife quickly took out her iPhone and brought us to the main fish market area to eat some sushi.

Even though it was only 7am, the area was already packed and many of the restaurants had a long line up of people in front of it. We didn’t want to wait and decided to find one with a short queue instead of going to Sushi Dai as per recommendation from various websites and youtube but line up would be 2-3 hours. We managed to find this restaurant with only 2-3 people lining up and we only had to wait around 15-20 minutes.


Wife ordered a dish with a different type of maguro in it. I asked her what those were called and she said she didn’t know but they tasted really good. Then, I asked her if the one with lighter colour looked like a ‘Toro’ type and she told me to shut up so she could savour them 🙂 lol. My son also loved the tuna maki and ate them all in no time. Unfortunately, he couldn’t eat the sushi since the wasabi was too much for him.


For myself, I ordered chirashi don. I might not know what’s in it but they were all so good. The quality and freshness of the fish were exponentially much better than anything we have eaten back in Toronto. They were all so fresh. I literally inhaled the whole bowl 🙂 in minutes. For both dishes, it cost us ¥7000 and totally worth it.


After we got out from the restaurant, the queue got worse and there were people waiting in front of all restaurants. One thing to note that despite the long line up, they didn’t rush us to leave and let us spending as much as needed to enjoy our food. With our son tagging along, we spent extra time in comparison to others. As mentioned in my Day 1 post, we were able to get by with English (mixed with some Japanese words) to order our food. Pointing at the menu item helped a lot.


We experienced the best breakfast we’ve ever had and yes, this totally beat any combination of cereal, milk, cheese and bread any day. Before we left Tsukiji market to go to our next destination, we bought some after breakfast snack. It looked like the different type of pre-processed tamago. All of them had a little bit of sweet taste and we ate them all even after the amazing breakfast we just had.


Getting to Daiba were proven to be slightly more challenging since we had to switch to a different train. From Tsukijishijo station, we went back to the direction of Tocho-Mae station except that we got off at Shiodome station which was one station before Tsukijishijo station. We passed this station on our way to Tsukijishijo station earlier. At Shiodome, we switched to Yurikamome line and took the train to Toyosu direction.


Unfortunately, we got off at the wrong stop as we should have had gotten off at Daiba station instead of the Odaiba-kaihinkoen station. It’s a longer walk to the Gundam statue from Odaiba-kaihinkoen station.

The Gundam statue is located at DiverCity Tokyo which is a huge shopping centre with 7 floors. After 10-15 minutes walk, we finally arrived at the Gundam 1/1 scale statue. We arrived pretty early around 9:30am and there weren’t that many people yet. It was a good opportunity to take as many pictures as we can.

The statue was bigger/taller than what I thought it would be. It’s amazing to see RX 78-2 in its actual size in real life. Words failed to describe this amazing experience.


In addition to the statue, there’s also a Gundam cafe which opened around 10am and there’s already a long line up in front of it by the time we got there. I was happy to just be able to take a picture of it :).


Close to the Gundam cafe and the statue, they also had a small booth – Gundam Front Tokyo – an official shop selling misc. gunplas and other Gundam related merchandise. As you can see, there’s a post of recent Gundam series, Mobile Suite Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans. I couldn’t get into this series unfortunately and stop at episode 13. Did anyone enjoy this series?

DiverCity Tokyo Plaza opened at 10am just in time for us to finish taking pictures around the Gundam statue. We went straight to the 7th floor for Gundam Front Tokyo Official shop and everyone around looked like had the same issue so we literally just followed the crowd :). For any huge Gundam fan, this place was what I called Heaven on earth. There literally were thousands different gunplas and other Gundam related merchandise.


With any store we visited, my son just had to visit gashapon machines and played it. He managed to snag a Gundam pin above. I might be wrong but it looked like the Gundam from Turn A Gundam.


After, we took a break at Baskin Robin and saw these amazing ice cream cake design. They all look so pretty and it felt like a waste to eat if we were to buy one.

Since it closed for a lunch time, we decided to get some early lunch around 11am. Our lunch was Chicken katsu and Takoyaki. Then, we went back to our hotel to get some rests before dinner.


In the afternoon, we visited nearby Kinokuniya bookstore by Shinjuku station and on our way there we got the experience of the Tokyo rush hour. There was literally a swarm of people and it’s hard to walk around.

And of course, at Kinokuniya, my son saw more Gashapon machine and played two times. One was for Card Captor Sakura series in which we got Keroberos and another one was from Sailor Moon which he got Sailor Moon’s weapon (read: not sure what it’s called).


For dinner, we went to this restaurant that only sells Katsu/tempura type of dishes. My wife and I ordered Chicken katsu set covered in egg. It came with cabbage salad and miso soup. I couldn’t recall the name of the restaurant but they were located at the 13th floor of Takasimaya department store at Shinjuku. My son ordered a Chicken Katsu meal set for kid and he got to pick a toy. He picked a water gun and it’s definitely going to be interesting on his next bath time. The meal was about ¥2200 yen and my son was around ¥1000 which was expected considering the location.


Before we went back to our hotel, we stopped at a little cake shop and got ourselves some cakes. I bought the strawberry shortcake and it was so delicious. Of course, my son had to ask for his ‘share’ and ate 1/2 of it.

That’s the summary of our Day 2 in Tokyo. Look forward for Day 3 – Ghibli Museum. If you haven’t done so, check our Day 1 in Tokyo, Day 4 – Tokyo DisneylandDay 5 – Asakusa, Tokyo SkyTree and AkihabarDay 6 – ShibuyaDay 7 – Ginza and Ikebukuro and Day 8 – Final Day.