I’ve been wanting to visit Japan since as long as I can remember. It’s been a long overdue trip and is super excited to spend a week in Tokyo with my family.

We arrived at Haneda Airport around 3:30PM local time. I could say that’s the smoothest custom/immigration experience we ever had. Custom only took about 5-10 minutes and they took our fingerprints then we’re on our way. They were almost no queue when we arrived which definitely helped.


After we picked up our luggage and went out. The first place we visited was information centre. We were worried about our lack of Japanese language knowledge and it was immediately no concern as the lady at information centre spoke English very well and showed us where to buy bus tickets to our hotel. The ticket cost us ¥1,230/adult and ¥620/kid. You can opt out not to buy one for your kids as they can just sit on your lap if they’re still a baby/toddler.


We bought our bus tickets and of course, we stopped by at information centre again since we weren’t sure where the bus stop was. We waited at the bus stop and it showed a list of destination for this particular bus stop. There were at least 2-3 people at the bus stop who helped us with our luggage and explained which bus is which. Each luggage was tagged with different colour depending where your final destination was. It amazed us how organised everything us.



We finally were on our way to our hotel and it was about 30-40 minutes ride. First, it stopped at Shinjuku Station – west exit station then Keio Plaza hotel. Just near Shinjuku Station – west exit, I saw the LOVE sculpture which located outside I-LAND tower.


We were really sleepy on our way to the hotel, however, as soon as we entered Shinjuku area, we were all fully awake as there were so many things to see. I spotted this huge banner of the new Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness for PS4. JP version was released on March 31, 2016 for PS4 and April 28, 2016 for PS3. There’s no plan for NA/EU release for PS3. PS4 version will be coming out on June 28, 2016 for NA and July 1, 2016 for EU. I cannot wait to play this game.

For our first trip to Japan, we decided to stay at Keio Plaza hotel in Shinjuku area and it’s right across Tokyo City Hall. We may try AirBnB for our next trip (next year hopefully :). There were many restaurants and convenience stores around the area which allowed us to find easily find places to eat/stroll around.


We quickly checked into our room and went out soon after to get something to eat. We decided to get some ramen. We officially had our first ramen in Japan. The restaurant was crowded and the waitress quickly got us to our seats. The ramen soup was very heavy and delicious in comparison to what we had back in Toronto. I think we just raised our ramen standard exponentially.


On our way back to the hotel, we saw this ad for Love Live School Idol Festival. It’s my wife and I’s favourite mobile game. We both are pretty addicted to it and we have both JP and EN account. I think the ad is for a special promotion for Love Live UFO catcher prize. We desperately tried to look for Eli, our best girl but couldn’t find any item that we really wanted.


Our son wanted to try Gashapon machine so we let him tried few of them and he managed to get Rin from Love Live. He said she’s really cute :).

And… that summed up our first day in Tokyo. Check out our Day 2- DaibaDay 3 – Ghibli Museum, Day 4 – Tokyo DisneylandDay 5 – Asakusa, Tokyo SkyTree and Akihabara and Day 6 – ShibuyaDay 7 – Ginza and Ikebukuro and Day 8 – Final Day as well if you haven’t.