Hai to Gensou no Grimgar, also known as Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash or Grimgar le Monde des cendres et de fantaisie, was based on a Japanese light novel series written by Ao Jumonji and illustrated by Eiri Shirai. There’s also the manga adaptation that started back in 2015. The light novel started on June 2013 and is still ongoing. It currently has 7 volumes so far.

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Hai to Gensou no Grimgar tells a tale of six characters who got awakened in a building surrounded by darkness. The only thing they can remember was their name and occasionally random words popped into their head without understanding the meaning behind those said words.

The group of six was told that in order to survive in this new world, they had to join Reserva Army forces who serve as the town guard. Unfortunately, strong people tend to band together with other strong people and the six of them were left behind. Manato, Haruhiro, Ranta, Yume, Mogzo and Shihoru were on their own and had to work together in order to survive the world of Grimgar. You could say they were the weakest group.

So it began, a team made of six “left over” people started their ongoing quest for survival in a world of Grimgar.

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First Impression

With the released of Sword Art Online anime series few years ago, a barrage of (V)MMORPG theme of anime series just came up one after another. From Log Horizon, Overlord, DanMachi, No Game No Life to Konosuba and Phantasy Star Online which are airing this season as well. Of course, we shouldn’t forget some of SAO predecessors such as Accel World and good ol’.Hack series.

In all honesty, we all are probably getting tired of this same VMMORPG genre and I am hoping that this VMMORPG trend will end soon. Who is with me on this one? Hai to Gensou no Grimgar is within that VMMORPG genre and at this point, we couldn’t help but skeptical about this series. Again, they all have the same back stories i.e. they got trapped in this virtual world and couldn’t get out + did their best to survive. Didn’t this plot sound familiar to us all? They could only be some many ways to spin the story plot but it all came down to survival.

I watched first few episodes of Grimgar and found it hard to enjoy/like this anime. The pace was really slow, I meant …. it’s at a snail pace for lack of a better of the word. Sure, it might pick up later on but it’s tough to get excited about this series when there’s nothing going on and it’s lack of direction where the story went.

The main character, Haruhiko, was so average. Yes, he’s average. Nothing was particularly interesting about him. On the other hand, Manato, the leader of the group, seemed pretty reliable but at the same, he looked ‘fake’.

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Aside from weak main character and story, the art and animation were amazing. They’re just original and pretty. In addition, I really love OP and ED (not the song but the art). I think the art and animation were probably the only saving grace to keep on watching this series.

Now, is this series worth it to follow or should you drop it? It’s certainly not one of series I looked forward every week to watch. It falls under “I’ll marathon the series when it finishes” group.

What did you all think about the series so far? love to hear your thoughts on this series in below comments.

Source: MyAnimeList, Wikipedia (PS: if you’d like to avoid spoilers, don’t click on MyAnimeList or Wikipedia URL)