Dimension W was adapted from a manga with the same title by Yuji Iwahara. The manga is currently ongoing in Square Enix’s Monthly Big Gangan magazine and it’s been going since 2011.

Dimension W - 03


Dimension W is set in the world where there’s a fourth dimension aside from dimension x, y, Z. This new groundbreaking technology  is called coil the world in energy reserve. Dimension W allows us to draw an infinite amount of energy. To take advantage of this, government od the world created fusion reactors to power the world. In the year 2071, coil technology is monopolized by a single company called new Tesla Energy.

Dimension W - 02

With the invention of Coil and NTE monopoly, it gave birth to illegal Coils which came out of nowhere. New Tesla is unable to prevent this alone and required the help of Collectors. and new occupation called collectors. One man named Kyoma Mabuchi is one of highly regard collector. Due to his past, he refuses to use anything powered by Coil.

Due to his recent collector job, he is now stuck with a highly advanced robot powered by coil named Mira Yurizaki who is the daughter of prof Yurizaki, father of coil technology. Mira is in a form of a teenage girl and aside from her tail, she looks a like a normal girl. To avoid capture, her father committed suicide and  Mira decides to join a reluctant Kyoma and his group in their quest to find illegal coils and at the same time, they’re trying to reveal shady business involving New Tesla.


Dimension W - 01

First Impression

After watching the first episode, I couldn’t help but noticed that Mira reminded me a lot of Ranka from Macross Frontier. Any Macross or Ranka fans can totally relate I bet.

Dimension W has a little bit of everything from action, romance, comedy, supernatural, Sci-fi and more. I think that bit of everything keeps me to continue watching this series. I’m up to episode 7 now and enjoy every episode. I didn’t find any of the episode were a ‘filler’ episode which normally for me was such a turn-off.

The main protagonist, Kyoma and Mira were such a good match even though they had such a polar opposite personality. Kyoma gave off that mysterious impression and was someone who had gone through a lot (which he did and the series revealed his past as the story progressed). On the other hand, Mira had this cheerful and easy-going attitude. She’s someone who got along with everyone. I guess the opposite does attract each other.

Kyoma was voiced by Daisuke Ono who is a veteran seiyuu and his major anime series was Kuroshitsuji (Sebastian Michaelis),  Shizuo Heiwajima (Durarara) and Shintaro Midorima (Kuroko no Basuke). Mira was voiced by Reina Ueda who was pretty much unknown and didn’t have many casts as main characters in anime series.

Last, but not least, you should check it Dimension W opening called Genesis. It’s such as a kick-ass song. Not to mention, Kyoma’s dancing was just awesome. This is definitely one of my favourite OP this Winter 2016 season.

Is this anime worth watching and should it be on your watch list? Yes, definitely. I gave my two thumbs up for this series. While it’s hard to judge a series based on first few episodes, I do believe this series has a great potential based on seven episodes I have watched.

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