After four months of downtime, I finally revived my blog – Saku’s Thoughts ( Setting up a self-hosted WordPress site took a lot of effort in term of site maintenance. Since I just wanted to blog without having to worry about upgrades and plugins, I switched from self hosted to

The migration process could not have been more simpler. Here’s what I did to migrate to

  1. Setup a new blog on
  2. Export existing blog content for on my self-hosted WordPress through Tools -> Export
  3. Import to the new blog on using Tools -> Import. This will import all your posts, pages, menus, tags, categories and images.
  4. Double check the blog to make sure posts and images show up properly.
  5. Purchase domain mapping on for CAD $17
  6. Update name servers of to, and
  7. Wait for about 24-48 hours for DNS propagation
  8. is up and running.

Simple, right… ? 🙂

In term of theme, I like ‘grid’ type in general and they just recently released this themes called The Baskerville Theme which looks nice and simple. Not to mention, it also has responsive design, thus, it does not matter what device (PC, tablet or mobile phone) you use to view the site, the layout will adjust accordingly.

So how was your experience migrating from self-hosted WordPress to or vice versa ? was it painless or did you run into some issues? Let me know by commenting below.