In a fantasy world, everyone’s dream is to go to imperial capital, be well-known, work their way up in the ranks and make a lots of money. From the outside, imperial capital looks like a peaceful place, however, darkness is hidden within the city where corruption by government officials running rampant. Prime minister, who indirectly rules the capital  behind a king who’s just a little kid, lead and is the source of all bad things happening in imperial capital.



Tatsumi, our main protagonist, is on a journey to Capital in order to save his village from starvation and he’s essentially looking for a job in Capitol city. He left his village accompanied by his two friends, Ieyasu and Sayo but unfortunately, they got separated on their way to imperial capital. Being a newcomer to the imperial capital, he got easily swindled and lost his money, thus, he had to sleep out side.


Luckily, a young lady named Aria passes by and offers him a place to stay. Not to mention, Aria’s father is even so kind to offer Tatsumi his help in searching his two friends and put a good word for him with his military friend. Tatsumi feels relieved and lucky that he receives some helps from such a kind family. On next day, while Aria is shopping, one of her guards fill his in on what’s going on with the capital and how the emperor is being ruled from shadow by his prime minister. In addition, there’s a group of assassin named Night Raid who’s hunting down anyone who’s corrupted within the imperial capitol.


Little did Tatsumi know that the good Samaritan family who helps him is actually a family of sadist. Aria’s family purposely lure any newcomers to the imperial capital with intention of ‘helping’ even though they later torture every single of them including Tatsumi’s friends from the same village, Ieyasu and Sayo. Sayo’s already dead when Tatsumi found her and Ieyasu’s on the brink of his death after being tortured multiple times. Aria’s mother apparently keeps a diary of every single torture’s victims.


With such a bad reputation, it’s no surprise that this family is targeted by Night Raid. Tatsumi, who’s still in shock of the truth behind the family he’s staying with, kills Aria with any hesitation. Seeing this, Leone, one of Night Raid members, tries to recruit Tatsumi to be part of Night Raid family and brings him back to Night Raid base.


First Impression

My first impression of Akame Ga Kill! quickly reminds me of Robin Hood except there are killings(re: blood) involved. Since Night Raid consists of assassins who don’t hesitate to kill their target assuming the target is corrupted government officials or individuals. Instead of your normal hero, Night Raid is a group of anti-hero. Despite of killing for justice and cleaning up corrupted individuals, murder is still wrong and one of these days, they have to pay the price with their life. Each Night Raid member appears really strong so I hope that they are not so overpowered that no one can hurt/kill them. There’s nothing more annoying that having overpowered main characters.


OP of Akame Ga Kill! is really dark/gloomy and it has a lot of blood/red colour in it. As for the song itself is nothing special and it’s not something that I would like to hear repeatedly. Same thing goes with the ending and quite frankly, for anime with a lot of potentials, I was hoping they put more time into OP/ED songs or at least, they should hire a well known artist.

Akame Ga Kill! list of seiyuus is not that impression. Our main protagonist, Tatsumi, is voiced by Soma Saito who is pretty much unknown in seiyuu world. Akame, one of Night Raid members, is voiced by Sora Amamiya. While she does not have a long list of main characters voice acting, she voices many main characters in spring and summer 2014 season such as Touka Kirishima in Tokyo Ghoul, Asseylum Vers Allusia in Aldnoah.Zero, Hazuki Jin in Blade & Soul and Kaori Fujimiya in Isshuukan Friends. Mine, another member of Night Raid, is voiced by Yukari Tamura whose voice is often heard as these main characters such as Sakura Yoshino in Da Capo series, Rika Furude in Higurashi, Mai Kawasumi in Kanon, Nanoha Takamachi in Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha and many others.

Overall, Akame Ga Kill! has a lot of potential to be in my top watch list in this summer anime season 2014. Hopefully, character developments will be well incorporated and the story can carry its weight.

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