Rail wars takes place in modern Japan where all rail ways are managed by a government body called Japan National Railway or it’s more well-known as JNR instead of being privatized.



Rail wars story revolves around our main protagonist Naoto Takayama  and his three best friends, Haruka Koumi, Iwazumi Sho and Aoi Sakurai. Because of all Japan railways are managed by government, there are many people applying to work JNR due to its job security or just because you like trains. Because of that, they even build a school, JNR Central Academy, dedicated to train new railways securities.


As part of school training, each student has to learn how to coal throwing which essentially requires you to throw coal into combustion engine. The goal is to reach 100KM/h speed and Takama’s group which consists of Haruka, Sho and Aoi Sakurai is picked to go first.


As part of final onsite training, students are evaluated on their ability on being a railway security staff. Naoto is assigned to Tokyo station and for some reasons, he ends up with Haruka, Sho and Aoi. One thing leads to another and they all end up chasing some purse snatchers and of course, their boss is really not pleased as they were told not to do anything other than what they were told to…. to prevent them from screwing up and affecting his possibility for promotion.

This anime would not be perfect without a panty shot. No worries, there were only two in this episode so it was not overly done.

First impression

This anime feels different from any other anime that I recently watch based on my first impression of 10-15 minutes into first episode. It has everything that I’m looking for a decent anime: story, romance, action and comedy. Before I watched the first episode, I had my scepticism on what’s so good about a train theme anime series. Well, what do you know ? I enjoy Rail Wars! quite a bit and I hardly doubt that I will drop this series anytime soon and most likely I will be able to finish the season.

Happy accident does happen and in this case, it’s a happy accident for both Naoto and Haruka.

All four of main characters are easily likeable and their personality is different from each other so I’m hoping for more character developments especially since each of them possibly has a personal reason to come to work for JNR. In addition, Haruka and/or Naoto appears to be interested with each other and Haruka drops a tiny hit in first episode that she seems to know Naoto. Are they childhood friends? possibly. I just hope it does not turn into Nisekoi or more well-known as I-made-a-promise-to-many-girls-when-I-was-a-kid plot :).


Minori Chihara sings the OP song of Rail Ways! titled Mukai Kaze ni Utarenagara and ZAQ sings the ED song titled OVERDRIVER. Minori always has decent song and most of her songs fit my taste, however, I love the ED song on Rail Wars! as it’s pretty upbeat.

As far as seiyuu goes, Rail Ways! are loaded with well-known and talented seiyuus. Naoto Takayama is voiced by Jun Fukuyama who has many main roles for the past 5-10 years. Lelouch from Code Geass and Yuuta from Chuunibyo are just a couple of many main characters he voiced as. Our busty Haruka Koumi is voiced by Maaya Uchida whose voices are often heard in many heroine roles such as Rikka Takanashi in Chuunibyo, Rea in Sankarea, Mari in Yuru Yuri and Futaba Yoshioka in Ao Haru Ride which starts airing in this summer anime 2014 season. Another male protagonist, Sho Iwazumi , is voiced by Satoshi Hino. For those who watched Bakuman, his voice should be familiar as he voiced Akito Takagi in Bakuman and during this summer 2014 anime season, he also voices Noiz in DRAMAtical Murder.

Is Rail Wars! in your watch list this summer anime 2014 season ?