Tokyo Ghoul is set in a fictional city of Tokyo which is haunted by mysterious ghouls who, in order to survive, are devouring humans. Normal ghouls need just one human flesh to survive for thirty days.



Story of Tokyo Ghoul revolves around an ordinary college student named Ken Kaneki who has a huge crush on Rize, a girl who frequents same cafe as him. Simlar to Ken, Rize is an avid novel reader and she happens to read same novel as Ken. Ken musters his courage to talk Rize and eventually he manages to a score a date with Rize. They both enjoy their date and Ken cannot be more happier to be with the girl he has a huge crush on.

Time flies when you have a lot of fun. Since it’s getting late, Ken has to apart from Rize. Fortunately, Rize mentioned that she’s scared to go home because area where she lives is riddled news about ghouls devouring humans and corpses were found in her area. Ken, being a gentleman he is, offers to take Rize home and is more than happy to do so. Plot thickens as the episode goes. Rize mentions that she notices Ken and is interested in Ken. Ken feels like in cloud 9, however, Rize turns into a ghoul and bit his shoulder out of nowhere. Ken’s survival instinct kicks in and he tries to run but Rize stabs him on his stomach. As she’s about to devour Ken, metal steel bars falls from sky and kills Rize.

When Ken wakes up, he realizes that he’s in the hospital. Little did he know that the doctor who saves his life actually (illegal) did organ transplant from Rize’s body to his. Ken fully recovers from his injury, however, he cannot taste any food. Anything he eats taste awful and he throws it up right away. In addition, he’s starting to see other human beings as food and drools over them. He soon realizes what happened and what the doctor did.

Clueless and not knowing what to do with his condition, he wanders around in Tokyo and suddenly he smells something delicious just like his mom’s home cooking. He runs to find the source of delicious smell but he is soon to be disappointed because what he actually smells is another human corpse and there’s another ghoul devouring the human corpse.


First Impression

First episode of Tokyo Ghoul shows a lot of promise and I honestly am excited about this series. Being in Ken’s position and not knowing what to do really opens a large number of possibilities of where this story goes. In addition, since Ken turns into a ghoul, the whole series is being told from ghoul’s point of view and in order to survive, Ken has to devour human beings sooner or later.  I highly recommend this series for those who enjoy dark/fantasy horror anime.

Our main character, Ken Kaneki, is voiced by Natsuki Hanae whose voice is very familiar to us. His past roles includes Hikari in Nagi no Asukara, Kanou Shinichi in Outbreak Company and Kal-el Albus in Pilot’s Love Song. In addition, he also voices Inaho Kaidzuka in Aldnoah.Zero which is another anime series airing this summer 2014 season. He did a different voice in comparison to Hikari and Kanou but I think it fits Ken Kaneki character perfectly.

Is Tokyo Ghoul in your watch list for Summer 2014 Anime Season ?