Locodol - Nanako Usami


Futsuu no Joshikousei ga [Locodol] Yatte Mita or shortly known as Locodol tells a story about life of high school girl named Nanako Usami and her senpai Yukari Konihita who aims to become a local idol (Locodol) for Nagarekawa town.

Locodol - Yukari Kohinata


Just like any other normal highschool girl, summer time means pool time and she has been wanting to buy a new swimsuit. Unfortunately, she couldn’t afford one, thus, she’s been bugging her mom to give her some house chores in exchange for extra money.

Luckily, her uncle comes to her rescue as he’s able to find her a job at public pool and he’s aware of Nanako’s predicament. He can even pay her in advance but the only catch is that Nanako needs to bring her swimsuit on the day of the event.


Little she knows that her uncle has a hidden plan, hence why he asks her to bring her swimsuit along. On day of event, her uncle tells her that
1) She will get on a stage
2) Introduce herself, pump the audience up
3) If she has time, sing a little song, and that’s it.

Easy, right? Nanako realizes right away that she just fell into her uncle’s trap of expecting her to be a Locodol (Local idol). Not to mention, her uncle plays his card really well even as far as showing what Nanako wants to be when she was a little. Nanako does not have much choice but to agree. Nanako meets with Yukari Kohinata who’s supposed to perform with her. Seeing Yukari so charmingly and much prettier than her, Nanako feels even more pressure. As the event is about to start, both of them change into their swimsuit and starts performing in front of pool audience. Lacking in practice, they are not able to keep the audience from leaving so Nanako’s uncle tells her to start singing.


First Impression

Idol theme anime is so popular these days with anime such as Idolm@ster, Love Live, Wake Up Girls and many others. It’s hard to produce something unique since the theme/story has been done so many times so it’s getting old. However, looking at popularity and success of Love Live especially in Japan and the increase of popularity for rest of world, you cannot help but wonder what makes this idol series so popular. Nevertheless with love live 2nd season ended couple last week, I’m hoping that Locodol can fill the gap.

With just two main characters, Locodol looks promising so far as it has more rooms for characters’ development, however, on the other side, their idol coverage is only within Nagarekawa small town which is lacking in comparison to being an idol group in a big city such as Tokyo. Yukari and Nanako add a great mix of character personality. As you probably notice from first episode that Yukari is the professional idol and has a lot of experience, while Nanako is the clumsy one and just started working as an idol

OP and ED songs were by seiyuu of Yukari and Nanako, Sachika Misawa and Miku Itou respectively. When I heard them for the first time, they are lack of impact and didn’t make me feel pumping out like when I listened to Love Live OP and ED. Both seiyuus don’t have a lot of experience voicing main characters. Last main character role for Sachika Misawa was Kuroyukihime in Accel World. On the other than,  this is Miku Itou’s first main role and despite of of her first main role, she did an ok job as Nanako.