I’ve been playing FFXIV a Realm Reborn since Alpha stage and I’m pretty much what you call a casual player. My progress in the game is slow due to limit of how much I can play and up until yesterday, I had not finished my Primal EX quest yet in which you need to beat Garuda, Titan and Ifrit Extreme mode (EM / EX). I was doing Ifrit EX learning party with two other FC members. Since there’s no party finder up for Ifrit EX, my friend started one and put it as a learning party. One of my FC members has not done Ifrit EX at all and the other one has not tanked Ifrit EX before since he cleared it as his BRD.

Our first run went pretty decent since we went past second nails which I thought it’s pretty good for a learning party. Our second run didn’t go as well as since one of DPSes got hit by eruption then the other healer died to double plums and the rest of party fell apart after since I had searing wind on me and couldn’t reach out the other tank which the tank then died.

Final Fantasy XIV - Rage Quit 1

As we were about to go on our 3rd run, I got above message from one of our party members then he/she left. We all were pretty much dumb founded. What did he/she expect from a learning party ? a clear? It’s learning party ffs. Honestly, even after watching for any tutorial videos, I found it challenging to do any EX primals especially if you’re a healer or a tank. Not to mention, some prefer to do it without any prior knowledge First hand-on experience is the best way to get a feel for it. Unfortunately, the party quickly fell apart after since one of my friend had to go afk for a bit and the other fc member had to leave. The rest just left soon except two who decided to stick around.

Once everyone was back from AFK, we put another PF (Party Finder) up. Luckily, we just had to fill up three DD spots, thus, the wait time was not that bad. It took us about 5 tries before we finally cleared so yeah…. the joke is on him/her for rage quitting as he/she could have gotten the clear too if he/she stuck around little bit longer.

Final Fantasy XIV - Elfin Bow

As for the reward, I chose Elfin Bow for my BRD who recently hit 50. The weapon is decent alternative to Artemis Zenith if I don’t need the extra accuracy (non Coil related dungeons).