Far into the future, earth was destroyed by alien monsters known as Gauna and humans were force to flee aboard gigantic spaceships created from the remains of the planet. One of those said ships is called Sidonia. A thousand years after humans fleeing the Earth, Sidonia has developed its own human culture similar to Japan. With the advanced of technology, human cloning, asexual reproduction, human engineering such as controlled hybrid human/animal mutations and human photosynthesis are possible. Even thought it was said that there were many other ships that fled from earth, nobody knows what happened with the other ships and it’s assumed that Sidonia is the last ship of human settlement.


Even with the advanced of technology, true nature of Gauna or Sidonia ship is very little known. Noone knows where Gauna comes from Gauna can be killed only by destroying its core protected by impenetrable material known as the “placenta”. Once the placenta is removed and the core is wounded beyond repair, the Gauna’s body disintegrates. To combat Gauna, Sidonia is defended by a large mechanical weapon (ie. mecha/robot if you prefer) called Guardian which is equipped with various weaponry and one notable weapon is Kabizashi spear which is made from same materials that forms the Gauna’s placenta. Kabizashi spear is the only weapon that works again Gauna.



The story is about a young man named Nagate Tanikaze, who lived in underground part of Sidonia since birth. Because of his lack of social interaction, he basically trains himself in an old Gardes pilot simulator every day and he’s really good at it. After finishing his usual practice and having no food left, Nagate went to rice factory and got caught for stealing rice. He attempted to run away but his head got hit when he was on a moving train. He was brought into a hospital and thought he would be sent organic incineration chamber, he ran away from hospital. He eventually got caught and was brought back for a Guardian pilot trainee, Hoshijiro Shizuka.


Current captain of Sidonia ship seems to take a lot of interest in Nagate and she’s willingly becoming Nagate’s guardian. Nagato was put in pilot training classes to become a Gardes pilot. Everyone thought he’s a super genius pilot because becoming a Gardes pilot is apparently a big deal. One of his classmates, Izana Shinotose, is a new type of gender when she’s neither male or female. The new gender can successfully procreate with both men and women and their body adapts when they choose their partner. Izana took Nagato to VR simulator area and unfortunately, Nagato did really bad since it’s a new type-18 while he’s so used to type-17 simulator.

The captain of Sidonia ship, Kobayashi, has a lot of hope for Nagase and she puts him into a mining OP with other seven students. Not only that, she gave him type-17 Gardes, Tsugumori which made Kunato Norio, top student in Sidonia, jealous. As they started mining, a Gauna appeared from underground and knocked Nagato unconscious.

First Impression

Sidonia no Kishi is a full CG anime which I’m not usually a fan of; I always prefer normal animation vs of CG or at least half CG and half animation just like many mecha anime out there, for example, Valvrare the Liberator (don’t judge me, I happened to enjoy the series ^^). For anime that involves space batstle, I can see how it can utilize CG fully to enhance it  furtherFrom watching the first two episodes, the pace picks up quickly on episode 2 and considering on how the first episode ends with a cliffhanger, the story looks promising to say the least.

The main character, Nagato, is not as perfect as I thought he would be. He came as a Gardes pilot prodigy in the beginning of first episode since he was able to join pilot training class right away after he was found but then he failed miserably during the his first VR training; granted that he’s not used to type-18. As long as he’s not as overpowered as Kira Yamato from Gundam Seed, I can grow to like him. In addition, I would like to see how far rivalry between him and Kunato go. Kunato is a very competitive from the looks of it.  He does not accept that Nagato was given Tsugumori and thought he’s the one that should deserve the legendary Gardes and being a top student at all.

One of Nagato’s, Shizuka Hoshijiro, who helped carrying him to a hospital seems to take a lot of interest in Nagato. Could both of them be a couple and have romantic relationship? On the other hand, his other classmate, Izana Shinotose, who is a new type of gender ( neither male or female) is also interested with Nagato. Could this be possibly a love triangle between female, male and a new type of gender ? it should be interesting where this may lead this to other than the fact that it still baffles me how it will work with this new type of hermaphrodite gender. Or am I just thinking too much ?

Opening theme was sung by Angela and was titled “Sidonia”. For those who are a fan of angela’s songs or at least has heard some of them, you probably notice right away that the OP theme song was by Angela just because the tune and tempo are so typical of angela. In term of seiyuus, Sidonia no Kishi is just full of well-known seiyuus who have a lot of experiences voicing main characters. Nagato Tanikaze is voiced by Ryota Ohsaka (Haruto Tokishima in Valvrave the Liberator, Nice in Hamatora, Ryota Murakami in Byrnhilldr in the Darkness and many more). Izana Shinotose is voice by Aki Toyosaki who you all should know. If not, let me give you a hint…. Yui Hirasawa in K-on!. Honoka series (the one with many clones) is voiced by Eri Kitamura who is another familiar name to all of us.

What do you think of the first episode ? I know I couldn’t stand the CG usage on characters. How about you guys ?

Source: Wikipedia, Anime News Network