Year 2021, outskirts of Tokyo, mankind was under attack by an epidemic parasitical virus called Gastrea which spreads like an explosion; mankind was almost exterminated. ON the brink of extinction, mankind is forced to live within Monoliths made from Varanium and has managed to survive by staying within Monoliths barriers. Varanium is only metal that can subdue Gastrea and stop infection from spreading further.

The Cursed Children
The Cursed Children
Ten years have passed, after much trial and error, mankind is gradually improving itself with ways to fight Gastrea. Normally, the Gastrea virus is only spread among humans through bodily fluids but there are very rare cases in which the Gastrea virus enters the mouth of a pregnant woman infecting her unborn child. Gastrea infected children can only be female and they are more well-known as the Cursed Children. Their eyes are red and the Gastrea virus is rooted deep within their bodies and as a a result, the Cursed Children inherited Gastrea’s regenerative and physical abilities, in other words, the Cursed Children have superhuman strength and abilities. Even though the virus infection on the Cursed Children is very slow, discrimination cannot be avoid and normal humans refuse to accept or view those Cursed Children as human. As a result, all Cursed Children live in area or a slum to be exact.

Black Bullet - Rentaro Satomi
Black Bullet – Rentaro Satomi


Rentaro Satomi was just a kid when he witnessed the attack and infection by Gastrea back on year 2021. Fast forward to ten years after, he works as a Promoter in his childhood friend Kisara Tendo’s Tendo Civil Security Agency. Promoter’s job is to control and lead Initiator who is essentially the Cursed Children. Promoter and Initiator always work together as a pair. Rentaro’s initiator is a lively Cursed Children named Enju Aihara who happens to believe that it’s a fate that they meet together and she believes that she is Rentaro’s long live partner. Civil Security Agency’s main purpose is to exterminate Gastrea and Tendo Civil Security Agency is certainly not the only in Tokyo; there are many other agencies along with promoters and initiators.


First Impression

Black Bullet is based on a light novel by Shiden Kanzaki and it’s published by ASCII Media Works. The light novel is currently still ongoing and have 7 volumes out so far in Japan. Our main protagonist, Rentaro Satomi, is voice by Yuki Kaji. He’s well known as a seiyuu in anime such as Attack on Titan (Eren Jaeger), Magi: The Kingdom of Magic (Alibaba), Accel World (Haruyuki Arita) and Guilty Crown (Shu Ouma). Our main heroine, Enju Aihara, is voiced by Rina Hadaka. She has not done many works as main heroine in comparison to Yuki Kaiji and she did a lot of smaller roles back on 2013 along with one main role as Hozuki Ferrari in Galilei Donna. Ugh…… too many bad memories watching Galilei Donna President of Tendo Civil Security agency, Kisara Tendo, is voiced by Yui Horie who is a very well-know seiyuu and singer.

fripSide - Black Bullet Opening Theme
fripSide – Black Bullet Opening Theme

Black Bullet opening theme is sung by fripSide and it’s titled with the same name as the anime. We all are very familiar with fripSide, especially those who religiously watch To aru Kagaku no Railgun. The OP theme has a very familiar with beat and tempo and one could say that it’s very fripSide-ish or even Railgun-ish. It’s a very catchy and enjoyable song which I can find myself listening to it on repeat for hours.

This anime has a lot of potentials to tell a great story and explores its main characters background past.  In addition, not to mention that Rentaro and Anju seem to have that very personal relationship which other promoter and initiator don’t have. Anju goes to school just like a normal child even though she needs to hide the fact that she’s one of the Cursed Children. Rentaro wants Enju to experience life as a normal kid and he clearly cares a lot for Enju’s well beings. Another side I would like to see from this anime is how discrimination against the Cursed Children will affect Rentaro and Enju’s relationship. Despite what he believes and views of the Cursed Children, his environment and society tells him otherwise; I think it would be great if story expands on this aspect and the discrimination of the Cursed Children. On the other hand, Rentaro’s parents were believe to be killed during Gastrea attack 10 years ago and he still didn’t like when people bring up this topic of conversation. Possible plot twist here? Rentaro’s parents are found alive later on as as Gastrea.

So what does everyone think about this anime ? Is this still in your watch list for this Spring Anime 2014 season ?

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