Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Beta Phase 4 or it’s more well-known as open beta just ended earlier this morning. For NA/EU region, it was extended for another six hours due to an emergency maintenance to fix a major issue where people weren’t able to login; it’s more widely known as error #3102. Square-enix really underestimated their servers capabilities this time and totally didn’t see this coming. With huge hypes here and there in the internet prior to beta phase 4 (open beta), they should expect a huge influx of people for open beta but what’s done is done and I hope they learned their lesson; the rest of the Internet seems to disagree with me:

Despite all of those whining in above posts, my faith in humanity has been restored by this post.

How is it different from Phase 3 ?

While I didn’t exactly look in more details, I did notice few differences here and there during my playtime in open beta:


  • As a PUG, each skill has its own form which allows you to use a different skill so you can do skill 1, skill 2 and finish with skill 3 or skill 1, skill 5 and finish with skill 3 and so on. For example, you can chain skills using Bootshine -> True Strike -> Snap Punch. In beta phase 3, you actually need to read each skill’s description to chain few skills in order for you to understand which form each skill generates, however, in beta phase 4, the UI actually shows me which skill to use next by marking it with a box with dotted lines (refer to above screenshot and you can click to enlarge the image). In addition, a skill such as Haymaker where it delivers an attack with a potency of 170 and can only be used immediately after evade an attack is also marked with a box with dotted lines so you actually know when it’s ready to use instead of watching your battle logs for evade.


  • One of main story quests/mission – Duty, Honor, Country has been nerfed down so it’s a lot easier now. If I am not mistaken, it was the level 15 main story quest – the quest before you get an airship pass. In phase 3, I took me at least two tries before I beat it.


  • Character voice during cut scenes. You can hear most characters’ voice during cut-scenes and it’s even funnier when some characters speak with British accent (I think).

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How’s everyone open beta ? Were you able to login ?

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