I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed last session of Beta Phase 3. Square-enix was nice enough to start the last session early on July 10th and it lasted one day longer until July 15th. I originally thought I would lose my will to play since they will reset our character before start of phase 4, thus, there’s no point in putting more hours. Of course, I cannot be more wrong since on Wednesday night, I spent four hours before I had to call a night and it’s getting really addictive which means good and bad at the same time.


My plan for this session was to farm more Imperial seals so that I could rank up and finish up my Grand Company hunting log. FATE (Full Active Time Event) is such a fun event and I love doing FATE for seals. Near Camp Tranquil, there’s a FATE event where you fight a mini-boss called Numyunuvi and it’s not soloable that’s for sure since it hits in 100ish on a GLD. If you manage to kill it, you will be rewarded with 18K exp and 300s seals. It takes about 7 minutes to kill it assuming you have a capable group of competent people.


Another favourite place of mine to farm FATEs is near Drybone camp. If you go east from Drybone, you will arrive at Highbridge. In Highbridge, there are multiple FATE events one after another and I believe there are four of them in total. It starts with ‘Attack on Highbridge: prelude’ then ‘Attack on Highbridge: Act I’, ‘Attack on Highbridge: Act II’ and ‘Attack on Highbridge: Act III’. All four of them will give you approximately 1200 seals.


After farming FATEs here and there, I finally have enough seals to rank up to Flame Sergeant Third Class (fancy title 🙂 ).


One of my friends needed help with Tam Tara Deepcroft and the final boss for this instance is that one ugly squid :). It didn’t take us much effort to beat it and it went very smoothly.



Another fun FATE event is located just south of Costa del Sol. Our monster this time is a giant crab. It did 979 Bubble Shower damage on my PUG and it was an instant death :). Luckily, there’s someone nearby who was nice enough to raise me so I got up and started hitting the crap again. It took some time before we finally beat it since we didn’t have enough DDs. Nevertheless, it was a fun fight.



After doing FATEs over and over, I got sick of it and decided to go back to dungeon instance. Brayflox’s longstop is another dungeon instance and you’re required to be at least level 32 and if you are level 35 or more, you will be sync down to level 34. In this instance, we were friend with goblins and were supposed to help them going through the dungeon.


Final boss for this dungeon instance is Alatar which just another dragon. The fight was pretty straightforward and quite simple to be honest. I was told it may spit out some green goey thing on the floor which does damage over time if you step on it, however, out of the two runs that I did, it never spat any green thing on the ground.

Full gallery of Beta Phase 3 (July 10-15, 2013)

That pretty much sums up my Beta Phase 3 experience and looking forward to Open Beta (ie. Beta Phase 4).

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