Another weekend is just another FFXIV: A Realm Reborn beta testing. I managed to get to level 24 last week and met my goal to be level 30 by end of this week testing.


Since I am level 24, I thought I started my weekend with another dungeon instance: The Thousand Maws of Toto-rak. The instance is pretty long (at least that;s I felt like) since there’s green goey stuff on the ground that slows you down. The dungeon boss is Grafias, a scorpion. It turns ground into green goey stuff that gives you damage over time (DoT). It’s not an easy fight because Grafias spawns a lot of minions which can be pretty intimidating but it’s doable if your party is competent :).


One main feature in this beta session is ‘Duty Finder’. This feature allows you to find party automatically for all dungeon instances and guildhests. What does this mean ? it means that you need to spend time shouting and looking for party. Duty finder will do that for you. You can enable your duty finder and while you are waiting for a party to be formed, you can levelquests, fates, etc. The party format will always be 1 tank, 2 DDs and 1 healer.


To test the new feature, Duty Finder, I decided on Ifrit instances but unfortunately, we failed the mission 😦


As I mentioned in my previous post, there’ a wandering minstrel who allows you to level from 26 to 29 instantly. As I almost level up, I did levequests in Little Ala Mhigo area which is located in Southern Thanalan. The wandering minstrel is located by each city grand company. Since I am part of Immortal Flame, the wandering minstrel is located just out side of Hall of Flame. he graciously bumped up my level from 26 to 29. At level 29, you can have your chocobo to join you during battle and you can give your chocobo few different commands: Healer Stance, Defence Stance, Attack Stance and Free Stance. For DD like me, Healer Stance comes in handy


At level 29, you will have access to Haukke Manor which is another dungeon instance. I did few runs but only the first run went smoothly and the rest of runs were pretty rough since I had an issue with my internet connection so I kinda left my party hanging and they were waiting for me for 30 minutes which was pretty nice of them. I managed to hit 30 before I had to call it a night.

Overall, it’s a pretty good week since I leveled up from 24 to 30 :). How are you guys enjoying your beta phase 3 so far ? I hate to admit but it’s pretty addictive.

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