3rd week of Beta Phase 3 just passed and it’s another amazing experiences in a wonderful world of Eorzea as a FFXIV: ARR player. Continuing from where I was left one last week, I stopped at level 21 before I had to call it a night. An incredible fight against Ifrit is not something that I can forget easily.

To start off 3rd week of Beta Phase 3, I thought I would level up all other classes to 15 ….. instantly. That’s right. You heard that right. There’s an NPC for each class who will level you up automatically to level 15. Of course, keep in mind that this is beta-only feature and I don’t think the final release will have something like this. Here’s a list of NPCs to level your class to 15 instantly (credit goes to FFXIV: ARR Beta Forum):

THM: Swaenhylt in Camp Drybone (Eastern Thanalan)
CNJ: Wihtred in Hyrstmill (North Shroud)
LNC: Aniud in Hawthorne Hut (East Shroud) above the town
GLD: Chechezan in Horizon Camp (Western Thanalan)
ARC: Zacheus in Little Solace (East Shroud)
MRD: Urswyrst in Moraby Drydocks (Lower Noscea) wmoutside gate near Chocobo Porter
PGL: Adelard at the South Hammer (Western Thanalan)

Note that there’s a requirement for this fancy feature. You need to beat Ifrit and join a Grand Company and you should be about level 20+. It shouldn’t take long to level all your classes to 15 and I finished all up with in 1 1/2 hour. It’s just a lot of running around.


After beating Ifrit and joining a Grand Company, you’re allowed to do quest for your company which will earn you company seals. With 1000 company seals, you can buy Chocobo issuance and you will have your own chocobo. I named mine as Sakura :). With a chocobo, traveling will be faster but keep in mine that aggro mobs can still aggro you while you’re on your chocobo. Once this was done, I could get started on leveling my PUG more.

At level 20-22ish, you can get to level 34 by doing some instances as below:

Halatali (Level 20 to 22) [Need to get quest from the Waking Sands]
Thousand Maws of Toto-rak (Level 23 to 25)
Haukke Manor (Level 29 to 31)
Brayflox’s Longstop (Level 32 to 34)

For level 26 to 29, there’s a wandering minstrel that will level you up from 26 to 29 if you have done certain quests.



Thanalan – Halatali

My first party consisted of 2 x THM, GLD and PGL (myself). None of us had any prior experiences with Halatali , however, everything went well and smooth until one of THMs got disconnected 😦 multiple times. We gave it a try with 3 members, however, the second mini-boss, Thunderclap Guivre was too much for us then we decided to find another party member as a replacement. Eventually, the party got disbanded because we couldn’t find a CNJ which is rare to find.


My second party consisted of CNJ, LNC, PGL (myself) and GLD. It was much smoother than the first party. LNC and me did so much damage and we pretty much tore through the whole dungeon instance. Against second mini-boss, Thunderclap Guivre, we fought it on the staircases. Around 1/3 and 2/3 of its health, it spawned few thunder elementals and also shot ball of lightning which did AoE. During this time, the whole party needed to wary of the lightning ball and killed adds at the same time.


Before the final boss, Tangata, there’s a mini-boss, Pit Peiste, on path leading up to him. It was actually a trap so you can avoid it if you’d like to skip. There’s a treasure chest in middle of room and it spawned Pit Peiste if you tried to open the chest. For final boss, Tangata, it was a pretty straightforward fight. As usual, it spawned adds (little flames) which we needed to kill as soon as possible before they reached Tangata. At that point, the adds would explode.


The Black Shroud – Thousand Maws of TotoRak

My party consisted of GLD, PGL, LNC and CNJ. This was a very long dungeon and it took some time to clear it because we wanted to get all treasure chests so we had to explore all areas. Final boss was Graffias. It has the ability to spit out green goey thing and covers the floor. If you step on it, you will get DoT for 100+ damage. In addition, its tail would have a separate HP later around 25-30% health. We also had to be careful to those spores on the ground. If you hit those spores, it would explode and did some AoE damage to surrounding area. It was a tough fight and myself and another DD died from spores so GLD and CNJ were the only fighting Graffias for remaining 20%o its HP.


Enjoy full gallery of screenshots below:

Another fun weekend of FFXIV and looking forward to next beta phase 3 weekend.

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