As someone who can’t live without his internet, having a reliable Internet Service Provider is a must and even better if it has an awesome customer service / technical support which is something really scarce these day so I just had to share this story and pardon me it’s not the usual anime/game related blog post.

I’ve been using Teksavvy for almost 3 years now and never had a single complaint. Yesterday, I got randomly disconnected and had to power-cycle my cable modem. Behold, it worked again and for fun, I tweeted about it saying ‘My Teksavvy internet just got disconnected for no reason. Damn it, Rogers.’. Since I hate Rogers so much, I blamed them for the cause of my disconnect. Why ? just feel like it ^^;;.

Today, I got a tweet from @TSIKeith and he was checking if I got my problem solved/taken care of. I was speechless since I didn’t expect Teksavvy to follow up with me.