Well, I was super confused. I thought Claymore was supposed to end at Chapter 126 and it was confirmed by news from Anime News Network. Three days ago, chapter 127 came out on scanlation sites and I thought it was a joke. It turned out that Claymore IS NOT OVER yet.

Big thanks to Gene via Irked_like_hell! who confirmed and commented in my previous Claymore post. Here’s what he said.

Claymore has NOT ended + DatabooksGene from TSS forums (the Gene who does Chinese scanlations of Claymore of great quality, even better than MS) and Mangahelpers forums has informed Mangahelpers community that Claymore has not ended..I asked a friend of mind in Japan to contact the editorial Dept this morning, and Shueisha staff said the Claymore IS NOT ENDED and we could still expect the next chapter in the coming NEXT ISSUE!!!!

Later on another reader also called them to further confirm this info, and the editor replied that it was a Mistake and Claymore’s story hasn’t end!!!!

I Checked this on 2ch and found some similar replies from the Japanese reader, it seemed many have contacted the Shueisha and got the same answer.You can thank Gene for this here: Manga helpers

I wonder why it was announced that it was ended. Was it mistake ? it’s quite possible all Claymore fans went raging after the last chapter and Shueisha/Yagi decided to continue with the story. What do you guys think ?

I read through the new chapter 127 and I love how they are talking about saving Clare and I think it makes sense since she’s the main protagonist of this series. Now, with Raki joining the group, they most likely will meet up sooner or later; the perfect ending that everyone is hoping for I guess ^^. What do you think about this new development ? will it be the real final arc ?