The past week has been filled with a lot of news for the upcoming new Tales game and it was announced under the name Next Tales Of. Next Tales Of is not the official name of the series as they are still working on the official name so it’s more like a code name. Official announcement will come on June 2nd, 2012 during Tales of Festival 2012 and you can watch the countdown on this page.

In addition, if you register as a member on this site for Tales Channel, you can watch it a live streaming. Bamco (Namco Bandai) sure loves to tease us as they did the same thing last year when they announced Tales of Xillia during 15th year anniversary of Tales series.

Check out the TV commercial trailer below posted some artworks from Next Tales Of

Next Tales Of 01

Next Tales Of 02

Next Tales Of 03

Via Andriasang (Link 1)(Link 2)