I just had a taste of what it feels like to play an RPG in Japanese; it was very challenging and very time consuming since I kept going back and forth with my hiragana/katakana list + online translator.

I logged 3 hours worth of play time so far but in reality, it was probably just 15-minutes game play since the rest of the time I tried to read / translated it into English. On the other hand, I managed to pick up some Japanese words ^_^. Note that Romanji/translation may not be correct since I have no Japanese background at all.

セーブ (seebu) = Save
ミラ (mira) = one of the main characters in Tales of Xillia, Milla
アイテム (aitemu) = Items
アツプルグミ (atsupurugumi) = apple gel
オレンジグミ (orenjigumi) = orange gel
ライフボトル (raifubotoru) = raise bottle
マント(manto) = Cloak
術 技 (jutsu waza) = Skills
イベソトリスト (ibesotorisuto) = ?
ライブラリ (raiburari) = Library
システム (shisutemu) = System
クイックセーブ (kuikku seebu) = Quick save
ロオド (roodo) = Load
コンフォイグ(konfoigu) = Config
メツセージ (meseeji) = Message
挙る (agaru) = Climb (when you are by a stair)
入る (hairu) = Enter (when you are about to enter a new area)
しラベル (shiraberu) = Investigate / Inspect (when there’s a shiny object)
クモの巣 (kumono su) = Spider web
開く (aku) = Open (open a chest)

Tales of Xillia - playable characters

Animation for cut scenes is very well done and it’s another awesome work from Ufotable (same studio who did Fate / Zero). I actually think it’s better than Tales of Graces F which was done by Production I.G. Do you guys think so too ?

Speaking about gameplay, they revert it back to TP system for artes/skills which I am not a fan of and I enjoy Chain Capacity (CC) more in Tales of Graces F. Another thing that I notice is that there’s no free movement during the battle other than going forward / backward toward an enemy and jump. Skip up to 1:44 to see the battle in this video below.

One of the biggest challenge that I find is reading Kanji since I can’t read them all unlike Hiragana/Katakana which I can look into my list. Does anyone have any suggestion on how I can read Kanji and know which one is which ? ^^;; and also, is it possible to download Japanese DLC even though I am in North America region ?  Tales of Xillia has quite a few nice costumes for each character ^^