For the longest time, I was unhappy with the loading time on my blog due to various reasons. Since I started blogging last month, I have been looking solutions on how to increase my blog performance especially loading time. Believe it or not, loading time matters a lot from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) perspective.

In general, W3 Total Cache plugin fits my needs as it does page caching , minify , database and CDN (content delivery network). In term of page caching and database, my option is limited to ‘Disk’ since it’s a shared hosting environment but it still helps because MySQL queries in WordPress are just terrible. I had few occasions where my hosting was cancelled due to crazy usage for CPU power which was caused by heavy MySQL queries. Page cache certainly helps a lot because every time you refresh a page, you will not call many MySQL queries, instead, you just pull the page from your cache

I heard about Amazon Web Services before but never bothered to look into it more. Amazon Web Services offers various products and the ones I use are Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront. For those unfamiliar with these products, Amazon S3 provides a storage service similar to DropBox and Amazon CloudFront provides global content delivery network where it delivers my static content such as images from the nearest location around the world. Also, surprisingly, their interface is so easy to use/navigate around especially for a first time user like me ^__^

Amazon Web Services Interface

Almost all images, javascript and css are now hosted on Amazon CloudFront. Do you notice the loading time has been reduced significantly ? I know I do :). Do note that Amazon Web Services offers their services for free with limited capacity/bandwidth. Since my blog is not that busy, monthly cost will be minimal ($2-$3).

Running into difficulties with setting W3 Total Cache and Amazon S3/CloudFront ? Post it below and I’ll do my best to help.