Saint Seiya Omega reminds me a lot of my childhood memories when I was and am still fond of Saint Seiya series. Saint Seiya is also well-known as Knight of the Zodiac. Saint Seiya is one of first anime series that I watched when I was a kid. This went back as far as 1988. Most of my readers probably weren’t even born yet :).


Saint Seiya Omega is a sequel of the original Saint Seiya and Seiya, the pegasus saint, was told as a legendary gold saint who defends Athena many many times. Our main protagonist, Kouga, in Saint Seiya Omega was saved by Seiya when he was a little kid. Unlike the original Saint Seiya, Saint Seiya Omega incorporates element such as Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Lightning, Light and Shadow for each constellation.


If you haven’t watched the original Saint Seiya, rest assured that you don’t need to in order to understand the story in Saint Seiya Omega. There will be couple references to the saints in Saint Seiya through the series but you can easily check wikipedia to find out more information :).

According to Anime News Network, there will be 12 episodes but I find it little bit short considering the original one has 114 episodes separated into multiple arcs. Can anyone confirm if this is correct ?

Saint Seiya Omega uses the same opening as the original Saint Seiya – Pegasus Fantasy but it’s sung by MAKE-UP featuring Shoko Nakagawa (Shoko-tan). Great anime series is always being accompanied by great a opening and I believe it’s an important factor to get viewers excited into the anime. Without a great opening (song and animation), I just don’t see how viewers will be interested in the series.

One minor complaint that I have with Saint Seiya Omega is the character design. It has similar character design as Precure since it was designed by the same person, Yoshihiko Umakoshi.

For fellow readers who enjoy the original series, I just don’t see why you would not enjoy Saint Seiya Omega. On the other hand, for those who haven’t watched Saint Seiya before, you may like this series if you enjoy anime series like Flame of Recca or Fist of the North Star.

For those who are feeling nostalgic, enjoy the original Pegasus Fantasy opening below 🙂

Original Saint Seiya Opening – Pegasus Fantasy

Live Pegasus Fantasy by Nobuo Yamada

Is this Saint Seiya Omega in your Spring 2012 watch list ?

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