Claymore chapter 126 was just out yesterday and I was happily reading it as it becomes a monthly ritual for me. I was turning to page 20 of chapter 126 then I saw the word “END” on bottom left of the page …… “Pause for few seconds”  and “Pause for few more seconds”.  I am lost at words. I thought this was a joke and I found it really hard to believe but Anime News Network confirmed that it actually ended ; ;.

Am I the only one who’s highly unsatisfied with how Claymore ended ? I am not sure what’s going through Yagi’s mind when he finished this series. There’s many things left hanging:

  1. Clare. What happened with Clare? She is the heroine of the whole series but she got removed towards the end of the series. Not to mention, the only reason Clare went on her journey and did all those crazy things was because she’s looking for Raki.
  2. Descendant of Dragons. What are they and where are they coming from ? Even though the organization is the source and cause of all these youmas, it does not explain where those creatures are coming from and what’s the purpose for infecting those humans with those parasites. What’s the main reason behind creating of those youmas and have those claymores fight them ?
  3. Why did Miria not tell the rest of Claymores about the origin of youma? What’s the point of keeping it a secret ?
  4. What’s up with Priscilla after image toward the end of chapter  125 and what was she saying to Miria?
  5. Why did Cassandra decide to leave Miria’s group alone and go somewhere instead?

Feel free to add more my dear loyal readers and what do you think about how it ended ? I don’t mind how Bakuman ended but I just can’t accept the ending.

Image via AnimeA