Accel world story revolves around virtual reality game called Brain Burst. Our main protagonist is Haruyuki Arita, a short, fat and low-esteem high school boy; he is a typical loser if you want to put it that way. Despite of his unattractiveness, he’s approached by Kuroyukihime, beautiful, popular and is a vice-president of student council at his school. She introduces him to an online virtual game called Brain Burst and since then, his new life has begun.


Other than the main protagonist, I think Accel world is pretty interesting. Story wise, it differentiates itself from other anime series and in addition, it reminds me a lot to .Hack series, which another good series on its own, except Accel world switches setting between virtual and real life back and forth instead of just virtual which I think it’s a good way to tell the story. If you noticed that Haruyuki’s voice sounds family that’s because  Haruyuki was voiced by Yuuki Kaji who also voiced Shu Ouma in Guilty Crown.

Most, if not all, anime series that I enjoy or like tend to have a good opening and ending song and it seems to be the case with Accel World. For the opening, the title is “Chase the world” by May’n and the ending is “→Unfinished→” by Kotoko. It can’t go wrong with May’n and Kotoko, couldn’t it ?

Overall, from what I’ve seen in the first four episodes, Accel world has a lot of potential to be a great series and since it’ only 12 episodes, we can expect a lot of actions and dramas. Is Accel World in your watch list this Spring 2012 season ?