I am still playing it and looking to spend more hours 🙂 on it. I’ve been amazed by this game since I got it last month; not having XBOX360 nor ability to read Japanese prevented me from playing Tales of Vesperia so I am overly excited about Tales of Graces F since last time I played a Tales game was back on Playstation One: Tales of Eternia.

I finished my first play through without any guides and managed to finish the optional future arc but I skipped to the optional dungeon. As a newbie to Tales battle system, I started with Hard difficulty but switched to Moderate after few encounters because I got owned really bad :). On my second play-through, I started with Hard then Evil and finally Chaos which I am able to handle quite easily including bosses. I switched to easy to get the under 60 seconds boss trophies though ^^;; since I am hoping to get all trophies on my second play-through.

As for the battle system, I think it’s pretty standard of a Tales games but note that my only reference is Tales of Eternia. Few things that’s pretty similar such as real time battle (2D vs 3D), cooking and skills (Artes). One thing that I really like is Eleth Mixer which allows you to cook food during/post battles, generate items and many more so two thumbs up for Namco Bandai for inventing this.

In my first play-through, I controlled Asbel up until the final dungeon then I switched to Cheria during the final dungeon and future arc. I found that Cheria is pretty interesting to play as because I originally thought she’s an offensive mage type but it turned out that she’s a physical damage dealer using her A artes. Her B artes such as Divine Saber and Indignation are great but casting time is pretty long even after CC-3 or CC-4 especially for Indignation so they are not worth it so most of the time I just use Ethereal Rift.

At 60% of my second play-through, I switched to Malik and got frustrated because his B-artes cast time is just terrible and I died a lot because his defense is bad. I still think he has a potential after I get some more titles for his A-artes and B-artes.

Who’s you favourite character and least favourite to main ? what’s your team setup ? my favourite character to main is Cheria; throwing knives is fun after all :). My team usually consists of Asbel, Hubert, Sophie and Cheria. Sophie and Cheria are my main healer while Hubert is my back up healer in case of emergency. My least favourite to main is Malik and Hubert as they die so easily and can’t take couple hits at all especially in Chaos mode >.<.


Tips and tricks

  • I got annoyed by magic carta game in Hard mode difficulty. Despite having to pause for each quote and google the character name, I was still not quick enough >.<. So what I did is just when the game is about to start, I took a photo with my cellphone so that I can find the quote, google the character and locate the character. It’s kinda cheap and lame but I completed hard more in 1 attempt ^^.