The last chapter scanlation was released this past Thursday and it ends Bakuman after 176 chapters. It’s been really entertaining and great to follow Bakuman manga each week. As one of my fellow bloggers, @Kurotsuki, said all good things must come to an end, on the other end, no dragging is such a relieved.

Looking back from chapter 1 through chapter 176, I think we all can agree that it was a great manga about becoming a manga author which is not an easy job. My friend and I had a quick discussion on how the manga ends and we thought that it was little bit rushed towards the end especially the last 10 chapters. It’s great that Mashiro and Takagi were able to overtake/compete with Eiji with Reversi as their flagship manga but Azuki’s audition for Reversi could have been expanded more and made into its own arc (my wishful thinking). What do readers think ? Do you think it could have been made into few chapters longer ? or is the way it is now fine ?