Chapter Summary

Continuing from previous chapter, the organization , leading by Dae, continues with the experiment using previous single digit Claymores and turns them into the strongest warriors. Louvre stops by at Dae’s lab to check how things are going and suddenly Master Limt’s servant comes to ask Dae what the progress is on the project. He also mentions that the research facility in the northern mountains was attacked and the culprit is most likely the mysterious group which is no other than Deneve, Helenn and others.

Back to northern facility, Helenn’s group and Anastasia’s group are enjoying their time killing those abyssal beings. While slashing here and there, Deneve and Anastasia got into talking. Devene is still not sure if Anastasia is ready to go against the organization but Anastasia seems confident that she has what it takes and besides Anastasia states that she is just simply traveling with Devene and the rest.

At the organization, all Claymores gather and prepare to counter an attack from the mysterious group which is already considered as a rebel by the organization. All claymore prepares for battle without any hesitation and Louvre thinks that the previous battle with Phantom Miria reminds them how powerful the enemy is. However, Louvre is completely wrong because those claymores recall their battle with Miria. Miria was certainly too overwhelming even for current single digits in the organization but none of them is dead and they were just knocked off unconscious.

Suddenly, all Claymores stop moving and all of them steps aside for their leader and she is someone that’s familiar for us. That’s right, she is………….. (I don’t want to spoil it so go read chapter 133 🙂 )


I just couldn’t believe it after I finish reading this chapter. Nagi… you do love playing with our minds and I can honestly say that this is probably my favorite chapter among all others. Since I don’t want to spoil this chapter, it’s going to be a short ‘Thoughts’ :). Enjoy the chapter everyone.