Browsing through various blog posts about Wonder Festival Winter 2011 which was happening this past weekend, I found myself building quite a large wish list ^^;;

Riso Shaomei - Max Factory - Shining hearts
Riso Shaomei (Xiao-Mei?) is a character in a recent PSP game released by Sega called Shining Hearts. Characters were designed by Tony Taka. While browsing WonFes news, she easily caught my eyes because her pink-white colour theme and nekomimi ^^.
Nendoroid totooria Helmold - GSC - Atelier Totori
Atelier Totori is a sequal of Atelier Rorona, a PS3 game that was released last year by NIS America. She is totally adorable and look at how much details on this nendoroid especially on her clothing and staff.
Nendoroid Riela Marceris - GSC - Valkyria Chronicles 3
Riela is one of protagonist in Valkyria Chronicles 3, a PSP game which just recently released. Does anyone play this game ? Her lance and shield definitely caught my eyes when I browsed through Wonder Festival Winter 2011 news from various blogs. You don't need to be a nendoroid fan in order to love nendoroid as they all are cute and adorable.
Elcea de rux ima - GSC - The World God Only Knows
Elcea (Elsa) is our main heroine in The World God Only Knows. I think this figure truly represents how Elsa is portrayed with her trademark position. She has potentials but still needs to wait to see how the colouring goes, although, it's from GSC ,thus, no reason to doube it's quality.
Caster - Phat! Company - Fate Extra
I am looking forward to see the final version of Caster from Fate/Extra. I never own any figures by Phat! Company so I can't really comment on its quality. Does anyone know how good/bad Phat! Company is ?.
Saber Summer Ver. - Alter - Fate Stay Night
In this wish list, there is one figure that I would buy for sure and it's Saber Summer Ver. by Alter. Saber looks great in her summer clothing. Is it just me or not but does it look more like a pajama or lingerie ?
Tohsaka Rin Summer Ver. - Alter - Fate Stay Night
If Saber looks good in white, Tohsaka looks just as lovely in red. She is another must buy figure ^^.
Takamachi Vivio - Alter - Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Vivid
Takamachi Vivio grabs my attention instantly even though she is unpainted. Since I enjoy Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Vivid manga, she is a good candidate to be in my figure collection but want to see the painted version before deciding and also the price.
Blanc Neige Swimsuit Ver. - Kobukiya - Shining Wind
If my budget allows me, I would really love to get this figure, Blanc Neige Swimsuit Ver. from Shining Wind series. Even Kotobukiya's quality is sometimes questionable, I would still love to purchase her if her paint quality is acceptable.
Rorolina Frixel - MegaHouse - Atelier Rorona
Rorolina Frixel or known as Rorona in Atelier Rorona game on PS3. Too bad there is no picture of her :(. I do hope MegaHouse delivers my expectation.
Blanc Neige - Orchid Seed - Shining Tears
Another Blanc Neige figure by Orchid Seed. Even though it piqued my interest, I have to see the painted version before deciding to buy it. In addition since I never own any figure by Orchid Seed, I am little bit worried about the quality.

Source: Nitohei Twitpic, AkibaHobby, Hobby Stock’s Blog, Moeyo via Wcloudx(kumo)’s blog.