Chapter Summary

Picking up from last chapter, Denieve and the rest continue on their journey to destroy the organization and on their way, they run into a group of Claymores lead by Anastasia who is being attacked by Awakened Beings of half-man and half-youma. Cynthia and Uma come to rescue for Keira and Phina who got injured. Tabitha starts healing Phina but it’s taking a while since Phina is an offensive type. Uma keeps herself on guard so that Cynthia can heal Phina without any worries. Even though Phina is safe and recovering, Keira still worries about Anastasia and Nike,however, Uma does not show even a slightest bit of worry. Denieve, Helenn and Tabitha easily overwhelm the group of awakened beings.

Anastasia and Nike are amazed with the strength and coordination that Denieve, Helenn and Tabitha show dealing with those awakened beings. While Anastasia and Nike stand on side line watching, an awakened being tries to sneak up behind them and fail to do so because Dietrich comes from above and slashes it in half. Dietrich briefly tells them who Denieve and friends are and pondering on a question whether they should be purged as enemies of organization or they are their allies. Deitrich had not realized that she sees Denieve and the rest as her friend until Anastasia mentions it. Hearing this,  Nike smiles and gets ready to help Denieve and the rest so that the current warriors on duty won’t look bad.

Despite their effort, one injured awakened being still manages to escape and runs toward Uma’s group. Since Cynthia is busy healing Phina and is immobile, it’s all up to Uma to defeat the awakened being. There is nothing to worry about since Uma does her job perfectly even though Helenn was little bit worried and hurried back over where Uma’s group is. As Helenn arrives, Cynthia is also done healing Phia who just needs a bit of rest before she can open her eyes.

As a leader, Anastasia expresses her gratefulness for the help but Denieve replies back and says that they are just happen to be passing by which is so Denieve-like. While discussing what their next step is, Anastasia brings up a question whether or not they attempt to destroy the organization and what Denieve and the rest would do when there are other Claymores raising their swords against them. Denieve’s answer is short and simple as she mentions that she will fight and cut them down, however, she will not kill fellow Claymores in respect to Miria. After hearing Denieve’s answer, Anastasia decides that she will join with Denieve and the rest despite the fact that she may be purged by the organization. Apparently, it’s the last thing that Anastasia is worried about since she technically has died once if Denieve and the rest didn’t come to rescue her and her teammates.

And so they continue their journey to where the organization is.


After reading this chapter, I felt relieved that the ‘filler’ is only two chapters and didn’t prolong as I thought it’s going to be. As I mentioned briefly in previous chapter, I think that this Anastasia’s arc or introduction is a filler by Nagi who is obviously trying to prolong the series and postponing it from the real climax where Denieve and the rest are up against the organization. I may sound too eager to see the end but I want this manga, one of my favorites manga, to end with a normal amount of chapters and have a good ending.

Talking about this chapter, Cynthia is an irreplaceable member of the group with her healing capabilities. Her healing has saved lives in too many occasion. In addition, it’s nice to see that Uma has grown up and matured during their journey. Not to mention that she is given a page to show her skills for a bit ^^. Back in previous chapter especially just before they left the North, she was kind of a person who will just follow whatever others are doing and cannot stand on her own so it’s great that Uma’s character develops well through out chapters. If you think that this is not the case, how do you explain that Cynthia manages to stay calm and healing Phia if she does not trust Uma ? Even Denieve, who is known to have this ‘tough’ attitude toward everyone, believes that Uma can handle the injured awakened being with no problem.