Rejoice fellow tales series fans as Tales of Graces F has been announced. Namco Bandai has not released any details regarding date nor platform but I do hope that will be on PS3 ^^;; at least (since I don’t have an xbox 36o). They do love to tease us fans and just mentioned that ‘it’s coming soon to North America’ is enough to get all of us excited.

How long has it been since the Tales series localization: Tales of Vesperia on xbox360 ? Bandai, where is my PS3 version ^^;; ? I believe it has been three years. Took them long enough, eh ?

With the announcement of Tales of Graces F US release, I hope they plan to localize Tales of Xilia soon. I will have this preordered as soon as it’s available ^^.

Via Siliconera