Feeling nostalgic about Shakugan no Shana and feels like watching the series ? Look no further Dragon Crisis! is here in this winter 2011 anime season. It is originally a light novel by Kizaki Kaya and illustrated by Akata Itsuki.

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As many anime out there, story revolves around a normal high school boy named Ryuji Kisaragi who has a peaceful life before being forced to an adventure as a relic hunter by his second cousin Eriko. Ryuji’s adventure starts one day when he’s in a class and Eriko barges into his class and grab him with her. She has a leave of absence notice ready and gives it to his homeroom teacher.

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Eriko, a relic hunter, creates an organization that recovers Lost Preciouses, the treasures of the world. She tricks Ryuji into become its first member. Like any other organization related to Lost Precioses, it needs to be approved by the Society of International Treasure Recovery and Eriko has been waiting for approval for a while. Since she feels like being ignored, she decides to recover an S Class Lost precious to prove her capability.

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Together, they drive to a seaport where according to Eriko, Fang is going to make a trade so Eriko plans to steal it from them at night. While they are talking, four black cars from Fang passes by and without any hesitation, Eriko casts a swarm of butterflies to render them unconscious meanwhile Ryuji grabs the case containing S Class Lost Precious.

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Eriko and Ryuji are being chased by Fang members and rained down with bullets. One of the bullets accidentally opens the case and a yellow haired girl comes out from the case and says Ryuji’s name. Out of nowhere, she unleashes a wall of flame and eliminates the pursuers. After releasing such a powerful flame, the yellow-haired girl fell unconscious on Ryuji’s arm. They bring her home and are confused what to do with her since they have no idea who she is, although, for some reasons, she’s taken quite liking at Ryuji and she seems to know Ryuji. The yellow-haired girl turns out to be a dragon since her left hand has a red mark on it.

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Ryuji goes shopping for dinner and buy some clothes for yellow-haired girl. As he is about to enter his apartment, he’s stopped by his classmate, Misaki Eto, who is kind enough to bring his bag left at school. Rather than being kind, she has a huge crush on Ryuji and he is totally not aware about it. After dinner, Ryuji decides to name her, Rose, because the mark on her left hand looks like a rose.


One thing came to my mind when I heard Rose’s voice for the first time, I was like ‘OMG, her voice is just like Shana’s in Shakugan no Shana’. I do realize that Rose and Shana are voiced by the same seiyu whom is well-known among us, Rie Kugimiya. In general, I always had a hard time knowing whose the seiyuu for a particular character because even though they might had been voiced by the same seiyuu, his/her voice comes out differently so in a way, it gives a character a uniqueness on his/her own. It’s a shame that Rose reminds us too much and wish that Rie Kugimiya voices Rose differently instead of using her Shana’s voice.

It’s been a while since I heard Ho-chan singing (unlike zenical from zotaku.com ^^) but expected no less than great for the OP since I really like it a lot. On the other hand, ED is sung by Momoiro Clover whose voice should be familiar to anyone who watched Yosuga no Sora last Fall season anime. It’s just another one of those cute songs.

Characters wise, I found that Rose is cute and adorable in the beginning but after hearing her saying Ryuji all the time, I found her super annoying and wish I can tell her shut the hell up. It baffles me how Ryuji can keep his sanity dealing with her and hearing her calling his name all the time, thus, she definitely stands out in my eye and hope she will be less annoying in next episodes. As for our main protagonist, Ryuji, he is your typical loser kind and felt like he has not fulfilled his roles as the main protagonist. Yes, I do realize that it’s only the first episode but I expect that protagonist and heroine stand out.

Looking at the animation, I have no complaints since it’s done really well except Eriko’s body proportion. I am not sure if it’s just me but it looks like her breast is in the middle of her body. It might have been the way she wears her tank top but unless someone pays close attention to, her breast is little bit too low ^^;;. Another important to note, animation quality tends to drop after first couple episodes so we will see if they can keep up with the first episode’s quality.

Dragon Crisis!’s story is really appealing to me since I have never watched any series with dragon related theme before. I would give 2-3 episodes a try before deciding to continue to watch this series or not but based on first episode, I believe the story is quite promising.

Additional tidbits

Opening theme
Immoralist (インモラリスト?) by Yui Horie
Ending theme
Mirai Bowl (ミライボウル?) by Momoiro Clover
Official website
Animation Production Studio DEEN
Notable Seiyuus Hiro Shimono(Akihisa in Baka to Test to Shokanju, Ayato in Rahxephon, Keima in The World God only knows) as Ryūji KisaragiRie Kugimiya (Louise in Zero no Tsukaima, Shana in Shakugan no Shana series, Nagi in Hayate the combat butler) as Rose

Yui Horie (Naru in Love Hina!, Ayu in Kanon, Yuki in Vampire Knight) as Maruga

Yukana (Ai Nanasaki in Amagami SS, Testarossa in Full Metal Panic series, Cecilla Alcott in Infinite Stratos) as Eriko Nanao

Director Hideki Tachibana (H2O)
Original Character Design Masashi Ishihama (ROD, Speed Grapher, Welcome to the NHK)
Episodes 12

Rating: 6.5/10

Source: ANN, Wiki

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