Rio, main protagonist, works as a dealer at Howard Resort casino. Unlike any other dealers that work there, she is known as Goddess of Victory by everyone at Howard Resort. This nickname was bestowed upon here since her existence always brings a great amount of luck and reduce tension to anyone who visits Howard Resort casino or any other casinos. You can say that she has some kind of aura of her own. She is so well-known such that even a Hollywood actress, Rosa Canyon, can’t even match Rio’s popularity.

Rio - Rainbow Gate! 02

Owner of Howard resort casino, Howard, got a visit from an old friend of him, Mr. Clark, who has a grand daughter named Mint Clark. She always carries around her teddy bear named Choco. Since her grandfather loves casino so much, she does not have much being dragged into Howard resort casino. Wandering around in the casino, she gets bored to death until she hears about Goddess of Victory. Curiosity gets the best of her and she follows around Rio trying to meet this mysterious Goddess of Victory.

Rio - Rainbow Gate! 05
Oppai #1

Later on, Howard officially introduces Mint to Rio and ask Rio to take care of Mint during her stay at Howard resort. On their way to Mint’s room, they get attacked by a group of people whose their target is Mint. Well, it’s not exactly Mint but rather the teddy bear that she carries all the time.

Rio - Rainbow Gate! 08
Panty Shot #1

As if it’s a fate, Mint and Rio meet again the attacker from last night. He introduces himself as Orlin Dunhill and challenge Mint to a duel for her teddy bear. Since Mint is in trouble, Rosa suggests that Rio should replace Mint in this duel. If Rio wins, Orlin has to tell them why he is after Mint’s teddy bear and leave this island. On the other hand, if Orlin wins, Rio needs to take her clothes off. Howard, the owner, does not miss this chance and he gets his film crew ready in case Rio looses and it will be used for some sexy commercial.

Rio - Rainbow Gate! 10
More oppai. Yoko-pai to be exact

Weaing a wedding gown, Rio duels Orlin in a closed poker where each player will get five cards and will have a chance to trade cards. Orlin, known as a Queen Killer, trades all his four other cards and keeps his queen heart because he believes that he will get the other three queen. Unfortunately, his luck is not that great against Rio and Rio won with a pair of two

Rio - Rainbow Gate! 14


Title certainly did not give me much detail and it’s going to be just another mahou shoujo type or so I thought. The idea behind it is unique and extra-ordinary and not to mentioned that it’s been a while since I watched a similar genre anime. Saki first comes to mind.

Unfortunately, it lacks of appeal that makes me wanting the second episode. The main character, Rio, is known as Goddess of Victory in casino where she works but there is something about her that’s missing from being a main protagonist. Usually, the main protagonist stands out in term appearance and his/her behaviour. Her battle of poker with the Queen Killer was not interesting enough for me and was dragging myself to watch the rest of episode.

Ending song are just plain boring. It’s your standard happy, fast beat song -_-;;. The first episode does not have an opening song so I cannot speak for its quality.

Animation is done by Xebec. Their work is mediocre and nothing amazing of some sort. Background art of casino and resort are pretty well-done but I feel like it’s trying to hide how bad the animation is in particular character animation (or maybe just my eyes were deceiving me ^^;)

Lastly, my pet peeves about recent anime is fan service. It seems that Rio’s oppai, breast, mune or whatever you call it and her oshiri, butt, bottom are the center of attention in this anime. It has some panty shot here and there but it’s not overly done in anyways.

I doubt that I will be watching episode 2 and so on and even if I do, it’s due to sheer of boredom on my part ^^.

Additional tidbits

Opening theme
“Sekai to Issho ni Mawarou yo! (世界と一緒にまわろうよ!)” by Love Roulettes
Ending theme
“Miracle☆Chance (みらくる☆ちゃんす)” by ULTRA-PRISM
Official website アニメ「Rio RainbowGate!」公式サイト
Animation Production Xebec
Notable Seiyuus Marina Inoue (Yoko in Gurren Lagann, Rei in Highschool of The Dead, Natsuru in Kampfer!, Alicia in Valkyria Chronicles) as Rio Rollins

Ayana Taketatsu (Azusa in K-ON, Kirino in Oreimo, Mio in MM!) as Mint Clark

Chihara Minori (Yuki in Suzumiya Haruhi, Nanaka in DC II, Aya in Tenjho Tenge) as Dana

Director Takao KATO (Busou Renkin, Over Drive, Rockman EXE, Pandora Hearts, To-Love Ru, Zoids)
Episodes 12

Rating: 4/10

Source: ANN

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