Chapter Summary

A group of awakened beings attacked Anastasia’s party and within couple attacks, one of her party member, Phina, got injured. Anastasia clenched her teeth and jumped to the rescue but her effort was futile as all awakened beings attacked her one after another. To avoid being surrounded, Nike jumped back to where Phina and the other party member and told her to hang tight on Phina. Nike flied around forward to encounter the other awakened beings and Anastasia followed right behind her.

The movement of awakened beings was halted by invisible wall/barrier which turned out to be Anastasia’s hair. The reason why Anastasia can fly around freely was because she attached her hair to each awakened being so that she can use it as a stepping stone to move around in mid air. Even though Keira has been together in the north with Anastasia, she and Phina never knew her secret while Nike knew about it all along. Being a rank 15 did help.

Being a responsible leader and to protect her allies, Anastasia told her party member to run away but Nike refused to do so because she argued that being an ally is not the kind of relationship that she has with Anastasia. Since Anastasia treated her as a friend, there’s no way that she would leave Anastasia by herself fighting those awakened beings. Nike ignored Anastasia’s warning that once her technique is known, it would be totally useless in battle but Nike didn’t care anymore and was ready to die.

As Keira ran away carrying Phina, Anastasia and Nike sensed multiple youkis in the direction where Keira ran.  They started running toward Keira but they were stopped by multiple awakened beings blocking their running path. Worrying about her team member caused Anastasia losing her focus and got hit. Nike thought that this was as far as they can go since Anastasia got injured. However, out of nowhere, all awakened beings were destroyed within an instant and our rogue Claymore appeared in front of Anastasia’s team.


After finished reading chapter 111, I felt that this chapter is just a filler before we go to the final battle and I don’t see a valid reason introducing couple new characters (ie Anastasia and her party member). In particular, Anastasia herself is not really amazing of a Claymore so I doubt that she is a valuable addition for the final battle.

I think it’s safe to say that most of us can see two possible scenes between our rogue Claymore and Anastasia’s team which either they both join together and destroy the organization or Anastasia’s team gets completed demolished by our rogue Claymore (yah,I just don’t see how Anastasia’s team can beat Deneve CS).

Note to Yagi: stop dragging the story and get us on the final battle ^^;;

So what’s your thought on this chapter ?