Went for Ita madness customizing my PS3, PSP and iPhone and I tried to justify my sudden impulse buy by calling it a Christmas present for myself ^^;;

Kirino Kousaka Custom Skin for PS3 and PSP 3000
Kirino Kousaka Custom Skin for my PS3 and PSP 3000 and Fate Stay Night seal mark on my out dated iPhone 3G ^^;;
Kirino Kousaka Custom Skin for PS3 and PSP 3000
Showing the backside of my PSP 3000. Kirino is nom nom nom nom ^^
Kirino Kousaka. Image taken from Konachan.com
Nice wallpaper that I took from Konachan.com and it's originated from animepaper.net. I used this on my PS3 ^^
Fate-Stay-Night Seal Marking on Shiro
Another nice and simple wallpaper taken from animepaper.net
Kirino Kousaka
Kirino Kousaka fan art from Konachan.com
Kirino Kousaka. Original image from Konachan.com

Big thanks and ❤ to a fellow blogger, otakudan, for showing this site, Gelaskins.com for customize skins ranging from gaming consoles to laptops to smartphones. I have been looking for this kind of site for a while and its quality is much better than Arts Cow which was mentioned in this post. The one that I found For those who are curious about the cost, here is the break down. PSP slim/3000 ($19.95) + PS3 ($29.95) + iPhone 3G ($22.70) = $72.60 + tax = $82.04 (Free shipping)