Lingering scent fits to be title for this new Claymore chapter. It’s not something I would have expected from Yagi at all since I was feeling that he will continue with the story to wrap up Claymore manga.

Chapter Summary

Yagi brought us back in time when the Destroyer just released those spears all around and two of them happened to hit Raki. All this time, Priscilla has been looking for similar lingering scent (Clare’s scent?) as the one on Raki and she finally found it on the spears stabbed on Raki’s body. As a farewell gift, she left one of her arm stabbed on Raki’s body which ironically prevents Raki from being consumed by the spears. The mystery of Raki’s survival has been answered here.

Meanwhile, back to the organization, Dae inquires the upper echelons about the arm that he found on Raki’s body since he has no idea who it belongs to. None of the abyssal beings is as strong as the one whose arm got cut off (read: Priscilla). Dae questions the upper echelons further about the existence of something higher than abyssal one, however, one of the upper echelons, Master Limt, gracefully denies that no one other than Dae himself should know about this unknown abyssal being.

After the meeting, Dae approaches Master Limt about the previous plan that he proposes but got rejected. Dae tried to convince him by saying to look at their current situation, the unknown abyssal being and possibility that organization will be attacked. To increase their force, Dae plans to use Priscilla’s arm and former number one corpses. Master Limt finally approves Dae’s plan but reminds him at the same time that if there is even a smallest problem, his specimen will be destroyed.

Back to our brave warriors of the North and Dietrich, they start moving forward to the east where the organization is located but their plan is quickly being halt as Tabitha senses that there are 7 Claymores, 63 Yomas and 11 Awakened on the east side. As an alternative, the group decides to take the north path and Tabitha, again, senses that there are four Claymores on the north side with one of them having a large youki. The one with a large youki may be a single digit and Dietrich happens to know that no. 7 was on charge of the North. Suddenly, Tabitha sense a bizzare youki drawing toward those four Claymores.

Dietrich was right on the mark that organization number seven was in charge on the north and her with three other Claymores are on their way back the organization. Out of nowhere, a man appears and pleads to be saved yelling that he didn’t want to become one of those things. A huge youki was erupted from the man and turned him into an awakened being. Organization claymore number 7, who is also known as The Winged Anastasia, easily dominates the awakened being but she couldn’t feel relieve just yet as another five men, whom about to turn into an awakened being, appears; can they survive this predicament ?


After reading this chapter, I just realized how wicked the organization is and how they manage to keep everything under wrapped for so long especially about Priscilla. Even among upper echelons and organization members, there seems to be so much politics going on ^^;;. Additionally, Dae has a different agenda with Priscilla’ arm and corpses of former number one in the organization. It should be fascinating and interesting to see what kind of breed he would be able to pull of from those corpses. Hopefully, he can create something that will match Priscilla’ strength.

Toward the end of this chapter, Yagi introduces The Winged Anastasia, current organization number seven and I have a feeling there is a reason behind Anastasia’s introduction. Could it be that she will join Deneve cs to bring down the organization ?. Since Anastasia’s group is in a pinch, Deneve cs will probably go through the north path to rescue them as well as heading toward where the organization is located.

I also wonder what happen to Raki ? since Dae took out Priscilla’s arm from his body, can he survive ? Another possibility is that Dae manages to pull those spears from Raki’s body and stop them from spreading (Dae gives me this feeling that he is some kind of doctor or something).