Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Concert was truly the highlight of this year for me. Audio clips for each song played during the concert are included at the end of this post. After a long 6-7 months of excitement building up since April this year, I finally got to attend the concert last Saturday.

Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Concert 02
Distant World - music from Final Fantasy

I didn’t bring my SLR with me and opted out to bring my Canon 860 IS point and shoot camera so pictures are not so good. In addition, I wanted to enjoy the music instead of being busy with taking pictures. Nobuo Uematsu attended the concert and sat with the audience on the front row

Nobue Uematsu
Nobue Uematsu-san passed by in front of me. Nice bandana ^^.

When the concert started, everyone was just dead silence and no one talked, not even to their friends who sat beside which was really nice. Arnie knew how to get audience’s excitement pumped out and he started the concert with Liberi Fatali from Final Fantasy VIII and To Zanarkand from Final Fantasy X. A nice way to start this awesome evening.

Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Concert - Final Fantasy VIII battle
Battle scene from Final Fantasy VIII

After Liberi Fatali and To Zanarkand, it was followed by “Don’t Be Afraid”, battle theme song in Final Fantasy VIII.

Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Concert - Final Fantasy VII
Remember this scene from Final Fantasy VII ? feeling nostalgic aren't we ? makes me want to play Final Fantasy VII again

The next song was probably what everyone had been waiting for and everyone’s top favourite; it’s not other than Aerith’s theme song.

Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Concert 16

From Final Fantasy VII, Arnie brought us to the past with Final Fantasy I – III medley. The first minute of this medley is the soundtrack that we usually hear on start up screen on every Final Fantasy games.

Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Concert 24

Eagerly waiting for when “Dear Friends” would be played and Arnie seemed to be able to read my mind. The next song would be played is “Dear Friends” from Final Fantasy V. I have not had a chance to play it but just enjoy this song so much ^^

Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Concert - Final Fantasy IX
The great black mage, Vivi, made an appearance in Vamo' all Flamenco from Final Fantasy IX

For those who played Final Fantasy IX multiple times like me, next song, Vamo’ alla Flamenco, should be very familiar.

Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Concert 27

Remember those many hours you spent on Final Fantasy VII ? this upcoming battle song was something you were probably tired listening to; it’s Jenova.

Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Concert - Final Fantasy XI
This scene was from Final Fantasy XI official trailer where all nations went to war with Orcs twenty or so years ago

Another one of my favourite songs is next on the list. It is no other than Ronfaure from Final Fantasy XI, the longest game I had ever played in my life.

Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Concert 30

I was not familiar with the next song that they played which was Clash on Big Bridge from Final Fantasy V.

Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Concert 32

“Clash on Big Bridge” ended the first half of the concert. There was 10-15 minutes in between before we continued with the second half. The second half started with “Bombing Mission” from Final Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Concert 34

“Bombing Mission” was followed by “Fisherman’s Horizon” from Final Fantasy VIII and I remembered listening to it and I even purposefully let my PlayStation running just so I could listen to Fisherman’s Horizon over and over. Hell, I even had a saved data specifically for Fisherman’s Horizon.

Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Concert - Final Fantasy XI Chains of Promathia
This image is on the original packaging for Chains of Promathia expansion pack for Final Fantasy XI

The next one is what made the name of “Distant World” and one of the most memorable song for me. It’s Memoro de la Stono – Distant Worlds from Final Fantasy XI and it’s the theme song of Chain of Promathia (One of Final Fantasy XI expansions) ending cutscenes. Good ‘ol time stayed up late doing Chains of Promathia missions.

Final Fantasy Distant Worlds - Final Fantasy XIII
Scenes from Final Fantasy XIII where Snow and Sarah went for a ride in the sky during fireworks

Arnie really knew how to please the audience as he played the next piece from Final Fantasy XIII, the Promise which is a main theme song for FFXIII.

Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Concert - Final Fantasy XIII
Scenes from where Lighting beats up all the bad guys in the transport vehicle (first scene after you started the game)

Right after “The Promise” from Final Fantasy XIII, Arnie played another familiar piece from Final Fantasy XIII and it’s “Blinded by Light”, Final Fantasy XIII Battle Theme.

Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Concert - Final Fantasy XIV
This scene from Final Fantasy XIV where you just arrived at Limsa Lominsa (assuming you choose Limsa Lominsa as your starting city) and of course, it's a great scene to accompany Navigator's Glory which is Limsa Lominsa OST.

Moving on after Final Fantasy XIII, it’s Final Fantasy XIV’s turn. Despite the lack of success as an MMORPG due to various items, the music is still friggin awesome. I was lucky enough to hear Navigator’s Glory, OST from city of Limsa Lominsa (one of starting main cities).

Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Concert 46

The next piece , I was really unfamiliar with and not really sure what stage of the game that this OST plays. It is Primal Judgement, another Final Fantasy XIV piece.

Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Concert - Final Fantasy XIII
Remember this cute scene with the little chocobo that's always on Sazh's head ?

What would a Final Fantasy concert be without “Swing de Chocobo” song? I felt nostalgic listening to this ost as it reminded all the mini game of chocobo digging that I did through out all Final Fantasy series that I played.

Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Concert 52

Another everyone’s favourite song came in next and it’s no other than Maria and Draco from Final Fantasy VI. Not my personal favourite but it’s still great regardless.

Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Concert 56

The concert was coming to an end at this point and as a closing piece, Arnie played “Terra’s Theme” from Final Fantasy VI.

Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Concert - Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
Do I even need to explain where this scene is coming from ? 🙂

You thought it was done but no, one special piece as Nobuo Uematsu joined and sang with the choir “One Winged Angel” from Final Fantasy VII.

Audio Clips

I managed to record the whole concert on my iphone but the quality is not so great. Regardless, I would love to share them with some of my readers who wanted to go but couldn’t make it due to various reasons. I hope you guys enjoy these clips. (Click on ‘Play’ icon to play each song)

Final Fantasy VIII – Liberi Fatali

Final Fantasy X – To Zanarkand

Final Fantasy VIII – Don’t Be Afraid

Final Fantasy VII – Aerith’s Theme

Final Fantasy I, II and III – Medley

Final Fantasy V – Dear Friends

Final Fantasy IX – Vamo’ alla Flamenco

Final Fantasy VII – Jenova

Final Fantasy XI – Ronfaure

Final Fantasy V – Clash on Big Bridge

Final Fantasy VII – Bombing Mission

Final Fantasy VIII – Fisherman’s Horizon

Final Fantasy XI – Memoro de la Stono – Distant Worlds

Final Fantasy XIII – The Promise

Final Fantasy XIII – Blinded by Light

Final Fantasy XIV – Navigator’s Glory

Final Fantasy XIV – Primal Judgement

Final Fantasy – Swing de Chocobo

Final Fantasy VI – Maria and Draco

Final Fantasy VI – Terra’s Theme

Final Fantasy VII – One Winged Angel


It was truly an amazing experience to be in this concert and money well spent in my opinion. I paid $120 something for my seat since I was waiting for my friend’s confirmation so I couldn’t get a cheaper seat, however, considering the experience, I would have paid $200 if I need to ^^;;. For me ,it’s truly more than worth it (as I probably said so many times already on twitter, facebook). In addition to gameplay and storyline, I believe music is what made Final Fantasy into what it is today and cannot really separate music/OST from Final Fantasy brand.

More pictures from the concert below

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