Good Smile Company will be really spoiling me next year with all these pre-orders and I can hear my wallet is crying. Another one in my wish list from Wonder Festival 2010 Summer is Tohsaka Rin -Unlimited Blade Works- version and she is currently available for preorder.

Rin Tohsaka -Unlimited Blade Works- 01
Her hair is just goergous and I always love dynamic pose figure. It just feels more realistic than a normal standing figure.
Rin Tohsaka -Unlimited Blade Works- 02
I am slightly worried that the figure whole weight is only supported by one of her legs. Even though it's not as bad as my Saber Triumphant Excalibur, hope it does not fall after couple months ^^;;
Rin Tohsaka -Unlimited Blade Works- 03
I like how GSC includes her seals on her right hand and also her heart jewel that she uses to heal someone.
Rin Tohsaka -Unlimited Blade Works- 04
Too bad that they does not include more swords/blades because in my mind since this is UBW version, there should be more swords/blades and her base could have been made wider even though her retail price may increase ^^
Rin Tosaka -Unlimited Blade Works- 05
Tohsaka Rin is arguably the most favourite master in Fate/Stay Night world and no, it's not Shiro because he is so useless ^^;; (maybe not so much in UBW but he sure is useless in Fate route)
Rin Tohsaka -Unlimited Blade Works- 06
By the looks of it, her right arm seems to be detachable and I assume it's interchangeable with her dagger, Azoth.

Images via AmiAmi

Additional Tidbits

Manufacturer Good Smile Company
Scale 1/7
Original Fate/Stay Night
Release Date Late May 2011
Retail Price ¥8,380 (Price varies due to discounts or other promotions for each store)
Available for pre-order Hobby Search, Ami Ami, jlist, Play-Asia,Otacute, Hobby Link Japan