Chapter Summary

After clash between Claymores and Awakened beings in Holy City of Labona, Yagi diverts our attention back to the organization. Dae, one of organization members, has brought something back the organization headquarter. It was no other than Raki, himself. Last time, he was being stabbed by those spears from the Destroyer and captured by the organization. While waiting for Dae’s return, Raki was being researched by other members to find out why he manages to survive this long and avoids corrosion. The secret lies on his back.

Back to our Claymores at Holy City of Labona, Helen guides Galatea outside Holy City of Labona to determine if the lump of flesh that she and Deneve brought back. Even the mighty Galatea, who is well-known for her youki sensing, cannot sense if Clare is inside the lump or not. The only things that Galatea knows is that it emits youki and both Clare and Priscilla are in there. Attempting to save Clare can only mean that Priscilla will be freed also and we all know how powerful Priscilla is. In addition to Clare, something else also sealed Priscilla’s movement together with Clare.

While Galatea and Helen are busy examining the lump of flesh, they are surprised by sound of two swords clashing with one another. In the east part of the holy city, Deneve and Tabitha exchanges blow between one another. Deneve tries to stop Tabitha’s foolish attempt to go alone to the organization in order to find Miria. Since Deneve is one or two levels above Tabitha, she easily gains the upper hand and as Deneve is about to land a final blow, Cynthia blocks her attack and Helenn grabs Tabitha from behind to prevent those two from killing each other.

Deneve thinks that Miria is an idiot and thinks highly of her skill. Seven of them were training in the North and vowed to destroy the organization, however, Miria betrayed the group and didn’t fit to be their leader. Hearing Deneve belittles Miria, Tabitha cannot hold her anger and punch Deneve on her face. After, Deneve told Galatea that she does not believe that Miria is dead and plants to go to the organization. The rest of Claymores agree to Deneve’s plan and getting ready to leave.

As they are about to leave, Dietrich, organization no.9, appears and tells them the debt has been paid more than what they owed. She asks whether what happened in the Holy City of Labona was part of the organization’s plan. Deneve does not answer her directly, instead, she invites her to come with the rest of them to find the truth by herself.


Thank you, Yagi. It’s about time than we know something about Raki as it’s been a while. Judging from Dae’s reaction, Raki might have himself injected with youma’s flesh so that he becomes a Claymore. Could the flesh be from part of Priscilla’s body ? The only reason Raki survives until now despite being stabbed with two spears from the Destroyer, is because he has Priscilla’s flesh running through his body so it creates an immune system. As far as I know, those spears failed to corrode Priscilla in previous chapters.

Since there is a possibility that Clare is still alive, I somewhat foresee that the final battle may happen between Clare and Priscilla since Clare is our main heroine and Priscilla is her ultimate enemy. Assuming Galatea manages to bring Clare back, there is no way that Priscilla won’t be revived either as Galatea said in this chapter, reviving Clare also means to revive the winged, one horn monster.

Ever since Miria’s dead, Claymore’s readers/fans are divided into two faction; one believes that Miria is still alive and other believes that Miria is dead. I am part of the latter ^^;;. Sorry to those who still believes that Miria is still alive, I find it hard to believe after what happened to Miria and the way Yagi kills characters through out chapters increases the chance that Miria is already dead but since I am not the writer, I can be wrong, right ? ^^

With the rest of Claymores heading toward organization headquarter, could it be that we are reaching climax anytime soon ? I feel that it’s an appropriate way to end this manga soon instead of continuing unnecessarily.


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