Fall 2010 anime line-up is really friggin awesome and I already have more than five in my current watch list. Fall anime season is really truly the best among other anime seasons in my opinion. Today, we are going to talk another new anime series in this Fall called Yosuga no Sora. The anime was based on an eroge with same title created/released by Sphere in 2009. WARNING: Exposed oppai ^^


The story is about a twin of brother and sister named Haruka Kasugano and Sora Kasugano. Due to recent accident, they lost both of their parents and decide to move back to the country side where they used to live. They plan to start their new life in the country side. They thought they can start their new life peacefully but between Sora wanting her brother for herself alone and many other girls who have a crush on Haruka, life is not so peaceful after all ^^

Yosuga no Sora 01

Despite recent loss of his parent, Haruka tries to be a dependable brother for his weak and fragile sister. On the other hand, Sora just wants to be with her brother all the time and is happy not doing anything other than being with her brother. Hmm brother complex much ?

Yosuga no Sora 03

Opening song and anime are pretty average and standard. it does not give me the feeling of awesomeness and impress me in anyway. I guess it’s expected as much since the animation studio, feel.,  is pretty much not well-known. However, I do love character design and I think Sphere did a good job. I have never heard of Sphere before since I am not into the eroge world but does anyone know other eroge by the same company ?

Yosuga no Sora 04

First couple minutes into the series, Sora’s character really captivates me and annoys me at the same time. I guess I can say that she is pretty selfish ^^;; and cold but maybe she can be a tsundere over time ^^.

Yosuga no Sora 05

Any anime series that has a setting in a country side always have a nice background like Yosuga No Sora for example. Don’t you love the look of Sora below ?

Yosuga no Sora 06

Being back in your home town, you can never avoid meeting with your childhood friends again and fortunately (or unfortunately),  all Haruka’s childhood friends and girls around him seem to have a crush on him in one way or the other. It should be interesting to see how Sora manages to make his brother as her one and only.

Yosuga no Sora 07

After getting a bike so he can carry his sitter instead of walking, Haruka stops by at his new high school. There is nothing out of the ordinary other than all his childhood friends are in the same school.

Yosuga no Sora 09

The next day, he introduces himself nervously in front of his class and it’s a rather plain introduction by him. His sister, Sora, still cannot go to school yet due to her weak body.

Yosuga no Sora 10

At home, while waiting for her brother to come back from school, Sora’s looking at a photo album when they were a kid and their parents were still alive.

Yosuga no Sora 11

While reminiscing about the past, she remembers of being kissed by his brother while they were playing. Attention readers, this is WTF #1 in this series. I didn’t expect it at all since most anime series, it usually happens between unrelated by blood brother and sister (For example, Kiss X Sis and Da Capo) but not in Yosuga No Sora. Very interesting ….. indeed.

Yosuga no Sora 12

Another girls that have taken interest on Haruka are Akira Amatsume and Kazuha Nigiwa. They both come from a respective family. Akira is a shrine maiden in a sacred shinto shrine while Kazuha is your standard Ojou-sama like character.

Yosuga no Sora 14

The class representative, Kozue Kuranaga, also seems to have a crush with Haruka as her face turns red when she’s talking to him.

Yosuga no Sora 18

Kasuganos’ twins new neighbour, Nao Torihime, also has a crush on Haruka and not only that, she seems to like him for a very long time and on the other hand, Haruka is also taken interest in Nao. Haruka, Sora and Nao used to play together when they were kids

Yosuga no Sora 19

Another WTF moment here and it’s number two. Sora’s having a day dream about kissing her brother. Didn’t know that she has such an ecchi mind ^^;;.

Yosuga no Sora 21

Btw, there is no censorship in this anime. No cloud, smoke, sunlight or anything at all… nada. You can enjoy oppai-ism at its best ^^.

Yosuga no Sora 22

Later that night, Sora wastes no time and launches her attack by taking of her pijamas ^^;; and said that she wants to come. Ahhh, I wonder what it means ^^.

Yosuga no Sora 23

This is probably just one of Sora’s dream, although, it’s better if it’s not just a dream ^^;;. I mean twincest may be happening right ? I am sure a lot of us are looking forward to it. Oh my, this series has a lot of harem scenes in it.

Yosuga no Sora 24

As I was about to recover from earlier WTF moment, I was treated with another one ^^;;. Not that I am complaining but I rarely have these many WTFs from watching one episode. Toward the end , another scene that gives a WTF moment is seeing Motoka Nogisaka, the maid of Kozue Kuronaga, is having ‘fun’ and treating herself quite a ‘treat’ ^^;;

Yosuga no Sora 25


Yosuga no Sora turns out to be much better then I expected. Sora is just adorable and has a potential to be a tsundere character ^^. Story wise, it has a great potential because just from watching the first episode, it’s clearly there’s something going on between Haruka and Sora when they were kids. Haruka may already have forgotten about it but Sora still remembers as clearly as it were yesterday. Multiple WTF moments are a good indication for to the series is promising and twincest situation is the first one that I have seen to go to this extend.

Additional tidbits

Opening theme
“Hiyoku no Hane” (比翼の羽根) by eufonius
Ending theme
“Pinky Jones (ピンキージョーンズ)” by Momoiro Clover
Official website StarChild:ヨスガノソラ
Animation Production feel.
Notable Seiyuus Hiro Shimono (Akihisa in Bako to Test, Hiro in Ef – a tale of memories) as Haruka Kasugano

Hiroko Taguchi (Miyako in Ef – a tale of memories, Haruna in Fortune Arterial) as Sora Kasugano

Original Character Design Hiro Suzuhira (Akikan, Ginban Kaleidoscope, Shuffle! memories, Soul Link) and Takeshi Hashimoto (Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! – Sayaka no Koi Monogatari – Movie)
Episodes 13

Anime Preview

Eroge Trailer

Rating: 9/10

Source: ANN, Eroge Review

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