Chapter Summary

After a lot of rage in previous chapter (read: Miria), we found ourselves back with the rest of the crew: Helen, Deneve and Dietrich who are on their way back to Holy City of Labona notice many presence of youmas and awakened ones in the Holy City. The city is under attacked and youmas and awakened ones are running rampart around the city. The city defense army, led by Galk and Sid, gets their plate busy with bunch of youmas and tries to slow down using projectiles and with the help of Miata and Clarice.

Meanwhile, Tabitha and  Galatea are being occupied by endless awakened beings coming toward their way one after another. Their breath sounds heavy and it’s a sign that they have had been fighting for a while without a rest. Despite having no sight, Galatea is still as strong as ever with her youki manipulation and having a former title of #3 is not just for a show after all, however, fighting multiple awakened beings at the same time pushes her to her limit.

As Galatea is in a pinch, a Claymore flies and kills one of the awakened beings behind her and she proceeds to cut the arm off the awakened being in front of her. Cynthia and Uma have arrived at the Holy City of Labona. Meanwhile, Tabitha is also in a difficult situation because  not only she has to fight with an awakened being but she also has to defend a mother and her child behind her. Luckily, Helen comes at the right moment and saves the mother and her child from falling as the house they are currently in crumbles. At the same time, Deneve comes to rescue and stops an attack on Tabitha.

With the arrivals of the rest of of the team, they manage to survive in this grim situation and the fight is finally over. There are no victims from the city defense army even though there are quite a few wounded ones. They are very lucky to have these Claymores here defending the city with them.

Deneve was the first one to notice that Miria is not there and while being frustrated with the thought that Miria may be dead, she asks Tabitha where Miria is. Then Galatea comes to intervene and explains everything of what happened. Judging from the current situation, Miria’s attempt to destory the organization has failed and the organization decides to destroy the Holy City of Labona along with the Claymores residing in it.

After explaining what happened, it’s Galatea’s turn to notice that they are short by one person which is Clare. Sobbing with tears, Tabitha finds it hard to believe that Clare is also dead but suddenly someone yells that Clare is not dead.


For fellow readers who were hoping that Miria is still alive, your hope was for nothing as Miria is truly dead , otherwise, the organization would not have sent youmas and awakened beings to Labona trying to eliminate all Claymores. Some readers found it hard that Miria is dead but at this point, regardless of any speculation, there is no way that Miria is still alive (unless Yagi decides to mess around with us, the readers).

Meanwhile, there is still a possibility that Clare is still alive since she’s being absorbed and Cynthia still can feel her presence in couple chapters back. I believe at this point, Claymore is leaning towards the ending and all out fight with organization will not be avoidable in the near future.

PS: I am still on rage with how Miria ends up in the previous chapter >.<