Final Fantasy XIV Collector edition was released on Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010. Funny thing that EB games called me that the game would be ready on Tuesday and I was like ‘Oh, RLYYYYYY’.  She said it with confident that it would be ready for me the next day until I told her that it’s great that I could get it a day early ^^;; then she put me on hold and told me that she got the date wrong. What a way to get my hope up on getting the game early >.<.

My player journal (Changed the name after my friend suggested to change ‘Digest’ to ‘Journal’) #3 is mainly about unboxing my FFXIV Collector Edition (NA version).

Final Fantasy XIV Collector Edition 08

For $79.99, you get this nice big box with clear plastic cover and nice FFXIV art at the front and back.

Final Fantasy XIV Collector Edition 07

I took out the plastic cover so you guys can see which parts belong to which.

Final Fantasy XIV Collector Edition 06

When you open the box, you will see the DVD box on the left side and a security token and a travel journal on the right side.

Final Fantasy XIV Collector Edition 05

Here is a side view of FFXIV Collector Edition.

Final Fantasy XIV Collector Edition 04

More front views on FFXIV DVD box and FFXIV travel journal

Final Fantasy XIV Collector Edition 03

The DVD box includes 1 game DVD, 1 behind the scene DVD, 1 registration code for in game item – Onion Helm, 1 registration code for FFXIV , Right of Passage voucher and a buddy pass registration code which allows you to invite one of you friends to play for 30 days.

Final Fantasy XIV Collector Edition 02

Inside the travel journal, there are some FFXIV arts on each page, although, the colour ones are only on last couple pages.

Final Fantasy XIV Collector Edition 01

More close-up shot of FFXIV security token password. When you press the red button, you will be given 6-digits numerical password to use in addition to your standard password when you login to your Square-Enix account. This is a very useful tool to prevent those keyloggers from getting access to your FFXIV account. A very nice move from Square-Enix since we had an issue few years ago in FFXI with accounts being hacked.

if you live in Europe region, you are lucky since apparently you get more in FFXIV Collector edition in Europe. Check out this unboxing post from The author has a Europe version of FFXIV Collector edition. T.T I want the map and tumbler. I didn’t know that NA gets the cheap version >.< until half an hour ago.