Another day is just another adventure in Eorzea. I am surprised that I still find time to play MMO despite my busy schedule even though quite a few friends of mine don’t have the time due to real life and at the same , trying to keep my blog updated. I changed the post title a bit and replaced ‘Daily’ part with ‘Player’ since it’s really not so daily ^^;; as one of my fellow blogger pointed out.I will probably change it to another name since ‘Player Digest’ does not sound right for some reasons. Does anyone have any ideas on what I should my FFXIV related post ?

Quick updates on what’s going with FFXIV; Open beta will end this Sunday, September 19, 2010, three days before collectors edition released date. In addition, I have been fishing like a lot and got my self to rank 15, however, my fishing adventure will be told in my next player digest.

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Final Fantasy XIV Daily Digest #2 - 01

From my previous digest, I started as a Thaumaturge but I didn’t really enjoy it as much as I thought it would be because it’s very similar to Red Mage in FFXI. Well, maybe because it’s still in a beta phase. Honestly, mage class in FFXIV kinda sucks because there is no way to heal mp other than some abilities like Thaumaturge’s Exaltation. In FFXI, I was able to recover HP and MP by resting as any job. A lot of work needs to be done on Disciple of Magic in my opinion.

Moving on from Thaumaturge, I switched to Fisher and as they said, once a fisher is always a fisher. Back in FFXI, fishing was my first and last level 100 craft. I fished so much back in the day and not to mention, my linkshell (or what you other people called ‘Guild’) starts as a fishing linkshell. Fishing in FFXIV is like chocobo hot and cold game back in some previous Final Fantasy series (I love chocobo hot and cold game in FF9).

Final Fantasy XIV Daily Digest #2 - 02

One very important to note if you ever decide to play FFXIV, please buy a controller before hand if you don’t have one because keyboard and mouse are almost useless in this game except for chat purpose. I use my ps2 controller with a usb converter and it works really well. I prefer keyboard + mouse over a controller so I hope Square Enix fixes eventually. Mouse cursor is laggy in this game and not responsive enough.

Final Fantasy XIV Daily Digest #2 - 03

In this digest, I want to focus and explore on main menu. Lets start with attributes and gear. MMO veterans should be familiar with the concept HP and MP, however, only those who played FFXI before know about TP which is used for weapon skill. Attributes wise, they are strength, vitality, dexterity, mind, intelligence and piety which is something I am not familiar. Basic concept of those stats are pretty much the same as any other MMOs except what other benefits aside from the basic ones are still a mystery. Typical Square Enix, they don’t tell us anything and let us to figure them out on our own. In FFXIV open beta, vitality increases your max HP and mind increases your max MP but other than that nobody knows ^^;;

List of equipments that you can use has increased quite a bit since FFXI. Instead of just rings and earrings, there are left earring, right earring, left and right index finger, left and right ring finger, left and right wrist and pouch.

Final Fantasy XIV Daily Digest #2 - 05

The next one is “Actions & Traits”. Here is the place where you set all your abilities, traits and battle actions. Each section has a limited action point (AP) and each ability, trait and battle actions costs action points. Maximum action point goes up as you level your rank. Note that you can use any other job/class ability/trait/battle actions in addition to your main as long as it allows you too and you have enough AP (still trying to figure it out how it works). My character level is low so I don’t have anything to equip from other ranks/classes ^^;;.

Final Fantasy XIV Daily Digest #2 - 06

Point Allotment is where you set all your attributes and resistance. Up until level 10 physical, you will get 6 points each level and after level 10, you get 8 points each level. You probably get 10 points after level 20 based on the trend but cannot confirm it since my character’s physical level is 15.

Final Fantasy XIV Daily Digest #2 - 07

In addition, you may reassign your points if necessary. I am sure there is a calculation involved on how many points you can reassign at each level but at level 15 physical, I can reassign as many as 18 points.

Final Fantasy XIV Daily Digest #2 - 08

As far as inventory goes, I think Square Enix did well in this department. No more 30 inventory on a starting character just like in FFXI and you are given 80 slots as your starting inventory which is awesome :D. Items, crystals, keys and bazaar are on their own section.

Final Fantasy XIV Daily Digest #2 - 09

Similar to FFXI, party search in FFXIV is pretty straight forward.

Final Fantasy XIV Daily Digest #2 - 10

Social lists consists of your friend list and blacklist. Functionality wise, it pretty much mimics what FFXI has. You guys may not believe it but I had a chance to use blacklist in couple occasions and have a total of four gil sellers or RMT (real money traders) in my blacklist already because they were shouting at Adventure’s guild in all three main cities.

Final Fantasy XIV Daily Digest #2 - 11

Adding someone to your friend list is really easy. All you need to do is to click on ‘add’ then input character name and you are done. First person that’s lucky enough to be in my friend list is ‘Elured Tripod’ lol. He appears offline in above image, however, if he is online then there will be a green icon right beside his/her name.

Final Fantasy XIV Daily Digest #2 - 12

Unlike other MMO , FFXI and FFXIV use a specific term to identify guild/clan and we call it Linkshell. It’s not that much different compared to linkshell in FFXI except that there are more variety in linkshell colours/symbols.

Final Fantasy XIV Daily Digest #2 - 13

Now, this is one of FFXIV feature that I really don’t get. At Adventurer’s guild area, you can get a retainer for yourself. The NPC that I talked to told me that retainer can help getting stuff for me and etc. I haven’t used it since I don’t know how to use her. Oh btw, you can name your retainer anything that you wish.

Final Fantasy XIV Daily Digest #2 - 14

This is Limsa Lominsa map at lower level. Limsa Lominsa is one of the main cities in FFXIV. This city gives the feel that it’s lke San’doria in FFXIV and not to mention the crest colour is also red.

Final Fantasy XIV Daily Digest #2 - 15

An interesting feature that Square Enix added in FFXIV is the existence of NPC linkpearls. It basically lets you talk with a particular NPC about a quest and so far it’s related to the main quest (or you can call it mission) for your starting city. You actually already start your quest when the first time you enter the game. Remember how you got couple cutscenes in first few minutes into the game.

Final Fantasy XIV Daily Digest #2 - 16

Remember how it was such a pain to travel between cities back in FFXI especially when it was just released ? Square Enix heard our complaints and they gave us teleports ^____^. It works similar to telepoints in FFXI and as long as you have been that particular telepoint, you can teleport there. Big difference is that in FFXIV, we don’t need White Mage teleport spells anymore as we are able to teleport any place that we have visited before. Awesome, eh ?

Final Fantasy XIV Daily Digest #2 - 17

The down side of teleport is that it costs you some anima. If it’s within the same region, it will cost you four animas and if it’s to another region (another main city), it will cost you six anima. As far as my observation goes, anima does replenish every day (or week? ) but I am not totally sure.

Final Fantasy XIV Daily Digest #2 - 19

Support desk option in the main menu is a compilation of recent updates and FAQs. Nothing unusual in here so I didn’t bother to check it ^^;;.

Final Fantasy XIV Daily Digest #2 - 20

Lastly, configuration is where you …….. you know…….. configure stuff ^^;; ? Note that the last setting in this menu is where you are going to setup your macro but I will leave that out for  another digest ^^. And with that, it sums up FFXIV player digest #2 and I hope you guys stay tune for the next one.