As you probably already saw in my WonFes Summer 2010 wish list, Alicia Melchiott 1/8 PVC figure by Kotobukiya is one of them. Back in WonFes Summer 2010, she was unpainted thus we all are little curious how she will turn out after being painted. Let pictures below be the judges ^^. A little big of backgound about Alicia. She is a sergeant in Squad Seven in Gallian militia army and is a second in command after Lieutenant Welkin Gunther. Valkyria Chronicles is originally a game developed by SEGA for PS3 and is a war tactical RPG that sets in Europa, a fictional version of Europe.

Alicia Melchiott 01

All Valkyria Chronicles fans have been longing for a figure manufactured by well known manufacturer such as Alter, GSC, Max Factory, Griffon Enterprise, Kotobukiya and many more. It turns of out that Kotobukiya lives up to the fans’ expectation.

Alicia Melchiott 02

After seeing couple images all around the net, I think she turns out really well. Her base is just lovely since it gives you a worn-out look and correct me if I am wrong, it looks like she’s standing on top Edelweiss, Squad 7 tank driven by Isara. Hanz, the winged pig, is also included as part of the whole package. Having an extra is always nice, isn’t it ? besides who would not want Hanz, the mascot of Square 7 in a hit game , Valkyria Chronicles.

Alicia Melchiott 03

What do you think ? I think she’s pretty much the same as the original one that we saw in the game/anime series. Kotobukiya may have nailed it on this figure, however, I still need to wait until I get mine on December. Her eyes have quite a few details and they are nicely done.

Alicia Melchiott 04

I am even more amazed with how well made and painted her rifle gun is. Slightly nitpicking on my side, the white strip on her gun is too bold/thick. It should have been slightly transparent and rifle colour would have been better if it’s lighter colour.

Alicia Melchiott 05

So far I am happy with how she turns out so she will stay in my pre-order list ^^.

Alicia Melchiott 06

Alicia Melchiott 07

Alicia Melchiott 08

Hanz, a winged pig, is the mascot of Squad Seven in Valkyria Chronicles. Will you still buy the figure if Hanz is not included ?

Alicia Melchiott 09

Additional tidbits

Manufacturer Kotobukiya
Scale 1/8
Original Valkyria Chronicles
Release Date December 2010
Retail Price ¥6,400 (Price varies due to discounts or other promotions for each store)
Available for preorder Hobby Search, Hobby Link Japan, jlist, Otacute, Play-Asia, Ami Ami