Managed to snatch a beta registration code this morning after  2 days of waiting O_O and battle of F5 on Tuesday night which of course crashed Square-Enix website since everyone was doing the same thing ^^;;. This will be a start of a new post series about my FFXIV daily adventure in Eorzea.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-08-14-14

Two thumbs up to Square-Enix for making this game. Despite the random rumours and disappointed alpha/close beta users, I believe FFXIV will live up to its Final Fantasy brand. First half an hour in the game, I had a good feeling about this game and I think it has a potential to be more popular than its predecessor , FFXI.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-08-42-75

I am quite impressed with user interface on creating a new character even though it’s barely couple minutes playing the game. For beta, you were given 3 characters to play around with it.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-08-54-68

As you probably already know that there are five races in Final Fantasy XIV. The first one is called Hyur, a human like race. In FFXI game, they are well-known as Hume. When they first announced races in FFXIV, I was little disappointed that they are pretty much  a copy of FFXI races with different name. On the other hand, I am glad that my favourite race is back in this game.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-08-56-19

The next race is Elezen. Their figure reminds us of Elves from any other games or movies and they are similar to Elvaan race in FFXI.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-08-58-94

Next one is arguably everyone’s favourite race. They are called Lalafell who are well-known as Tarutaru in FFXI. Their appearance looks like children , however, don’t be fooled by their appearance because they are a lot of older than other races and wiser too, hence, Lalafell is a great race for mage jobs.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-09-01-28

Now, next race is my personal favourite race which is a Miqo’te. They have a cat appearance look a like or more knowingly as cat girl. A similar race also appears in FFXI which is called Mithra. For Miqo’te, playable race is only female and there is no male. I am not sure if there are any male Miqo’te in past history but in FFXI, there are actually male Mithra being mentioned in the story line.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-09-03-29

The last race is Roegadyn. The easier to remember what Roegadyn looks like is to imagine a big/tall dwarf ^^;;. When I was playing FFXI, Roegadyn(read: Galka in FFXI) was pretty much the least played race due to their appearance.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-09-16-25

Each race is divided by 2 clans and each clan differs in appearance especially their skin colour. Since I chose Miqo’te, I have two options between “Seekers of the Sun” and “Keepers of the Moon”. I selected “Seekers of the sun” ,however, in the next few steps , you can totally customize her appearance the way you want her to be. ” Seekers of the Sun” has a lighter skin colour and smaller pair of ears.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-09-18-55

Meanwhile, “Keeper of the Moon” has darker skin colour, bigger ears and longer, skinnier tails.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-10-30-97

The next step is where I get really confused since you have 4 options to choose from for basic appearance of Miqo’te. I like ‘Type 1″ hair but her skin colour is little bit pale imo.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-10-34-16

I guess “Seeker of the Sun” clan can have a darker skin colour too even though her other traits follow strictly “Keeper of the Sun” clan. “Type 2” is also pretty decent since I do like short hair.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-10-36-26

Not exactly a fan of “Type 3” since I generally don’t like long hair so I passed.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-10-39-74

I finally decided on “Type 4” even though it does not matter since you can customize everything after this.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-10-46-27

She gave me a thumb up when I selected her. I was like…. “That’s cool”.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-11-49-06

In the next step, this is where you can freely customize her appearance (Hairstyle, Hair Colour and Highlights).

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-13-12-47

Since I like “Type 1” hairstyle from above, I selected that one and changed the colour to dark blue. After you select a hair style, you get another option called “Variation”.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-13-20-09

“Variation” option lets you choose type/colour of the hair band on her pony tails.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-13-29-50

So far, I amazed by the amount customization that FFXIV has compared to FFXI. In FFXI, it’s pretty normal to run into other characters with the same appearance as yours, however, in FFXIV, I think that will be quite difficult to happen.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-13-34-61

For hair colour, you have 32 colours to choose from so take your time ^^.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-13-38-20

Now, this highlight option is actually pretty cool since you can add a nice touch to your character hair like what I did with mine. It’s hard to notice using above image but if you check the bigger size  version, you should be able to notice.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-13-53-09

Once you are done with hair, you can customize her face as the next step. I accidentally chose this face when taking a screenshot lol. She has this sleepy look or “don’t mess with me” look.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-14-15-90

At the end, I chose “Type” for her face. In addition to face type, you can customize her eyebrows,eye shape, iris size, eye colour, nose, mouth and features. Iris size is very uncommon to customize in MMORPG and this option is probably only for Miqo’te, although, I may be wrong since I haven’t checked the other races yet.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-15-31-83

After messing around with settings, here is my final Miqo’te looks like ^^.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-16-19-99

I just love next option because I can change her tail type ^^.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-17-04-04

As last touch on her face, you can add some characteristic just like what I did with mine above ^^.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-17-26-12

I spent few minutes deciding what skin colour I should choose (I know I am such a nerd >.<).

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-17-39-12

Once you are done with physical appearance of your character, the next step is too choose with class you are going to be. There are four disciples in FFXIV: Disciples of War, Disciples of magic, Disciples of the Land and Disciples of the Hand. Disciples of War consists of Gladiator, Marauder, Pugilist, Archer and Lancer. Disciples of War is what you call melee/ non magical damage dealer.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-17-41-61

Disciples of Magic consists of Thaumaturge and Conjurer. I am little bit disappointed with only 2 classes to choose from in Disciples of Magic. Thaumaturge concept is similar to a Red Mage in FFXI while Conjurer, I would imagine that it’s like a Black Mage.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-17-42-75

The last two disciples are what I called crafting classes since they are not meant for combat (at least I don’t think so ). Disciples of the Land is similar to gather ing skills in World of Warcraft. It consists of fisher, miner and botanist. I probably go with fisher as my other job since fishing was main craft back in FFXI ^^.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-17-43-74

The last disciple is Disciples of the Hand consisted of Carpenter, Blacksmith, Armorer, Goldsmith, Tanner, Weaver, Alchemist and Culinarian.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-17-58-76

You know what they say, once a Red mage is always a red mage. I found myself selecting Thaumaturge since it’s somewhat similar to Red Mage job in FFXI ^^.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-18-06-77

The next step is to choose your character’s nameday and guardian. No sure what’s the purpose of this but i did it anyways ^^

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-19-07-93

My character’s nameday is 4th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon and my guardian is Menphina, the Lover.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-19-13-29

Another cool feature in this character creation is that you can save your character appearance data, thus, if you are going to create another character with similar appearance, you can just load your previously saved data. You are allowed up to 8 saved data (I think, feel free to correct me if i am wrong).

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-19-36-38

For beta version,  there are 14 worlds available to choose from:

  • Cornelia
  • Melmond
  • Kashuan
  • Palamecia
  • Gysahl
  • Mysidia
  • Istory
  • Figaro
  • Wutai
  • Trabia
  • Lindblum
  • Besaid
  • Selbina
  • Rabanastre
  • Bodhum

All those names are taken from previous Final Fantasy series. Can you guess which one they come from ? ^^

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-22-19-97

When choosing your character name, you can enter her given name and surname which is a nice move by Square Enix. Guess what I use for my character name!!!. The same name where ‘Saku’ nickname is originated from ^^

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-22-26-67

Similar to previous FFXI, you are given 3 choices as your starting city: Limsa Lominsa, Gridania and Ul’dah. I opted out to Limsa Lominsa since that’s where Fisherman Guild is ^^;;.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-24-24-28

After selecting your world, you are given a nice cutscene and I am complete speechless with the amount details and they all look so pretty (I do have a powerful graphic card).

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-24-37-91

My character is hearing voices from out of nowhere.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-27-47-27

Love this screenshot. I think it would be a nice desktop wallpaper ^^.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-27-56-27

And this one also is nice. My character sure looks gorgeous ^^

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-28-12-73

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-28-56-86

Bunch of monsters attack our boat and the ship crews were trying to defend it.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-29-43-52

Nice pose by this Rogadynn. Killing a monster using his right hand and shooting another monster to save a crew member with his gun. I want his gun ^^;;.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-32-42-68

More monsters are coming and they seem to be running away from something.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-32-49-88

And a lot more of them come aboard the ship and the crews cannot handle all of them at the same time. “Sakura Kinomoto” is in deep trouble.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-32-56-31

White haired miqo’te saves me with her barrier. Coolness factor is 11/10 ^^.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-33-26-23

Meanwhile, a creature that scares all other monsters  jump above the ship.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-33-30-83

Does anyone familiar with this creature ? Anyone knows ? I’ll give you a hint for its name. It starts with letter ‘L’ ^^.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-34-41-90

After a rough journey, I finally arrive at Limsa Lominsa. what a beautiful scenery.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-35-52-00

Once you get off from the boat, you are free to do whatever you want as you have a full control of your character.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-37-27-31

I started wandering around and checking out the city. Yep, that’s right, I am a newbie all over again ^^.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-37-54-52

Had a talk with this NPC and he spoke in a yar language. He quickly warns me that this place is not for one with light of heart.

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 19-38-29-77

When he sees the white haired Miqo’te, he did a poor attempt of hitting on her ^^;;

ffxivgame 2010-09-03 22-10-32-41

I went outside the city to get my very first quest and the name of the quest speaks for itself. Look at the reward, it’s a 1000gil and it looks like an easy money to make in this game since it was a pain to make money in FFXI when I just started.

That last screenshot sums up my FFXIV daily digest for today. I hope you guys enjoy it and look forward to more my FFXIV adventure as a Miqo’te named  ‘Sakura Kinomoto’ in Eorzea.