Chapter Summary

Chapter 107 is reserved for Miria and the twin. Continuing from last chapter, Miria is having difficulties against two opponents with similar trait as Alicia and Beth. Even though the twins are pretty much green in term of battle experience compared to Miria, they cannot be underestimated since one of them can easily turn into an awakened being while the other controls the awakened being.

Even though Miria’s battle ability was couple levels higher than she was 7 years ago when she was no. 6 in the organization, fighting two at the same time is no child’s play and as time goes one, fatigue becomes an issue. From outside, it looks like Miria is on par with the twins,however, her breath becomes heavier and heavier as she was forced to be more serious than fighting other Claymores before.

As she fights the twin, her mind wanders whether or not she should kill them because it’s close too impossible to win without killing them at this point since the twins’ level is nowhere near previous Claymores. Then she accidentally cuts one of the twins’ arm and since one of the twins get injured, the twins’ alignment does not work as well. Miria mind’s continues to wander whether or not to kill the twins and one of the twins finally manages to put a scratch on Miria’s arm.

Meanwhile, the other twin who got her arm cut off is almost done reattaching her arm. Miria saws this and is concerned  that once the twins are back together, it would be even more difficult to fight both at the same time. Miria tries to knock down the one she’s fighting but she fails since her attempt is easily dodged by one of the twin. On the side lines, no. 10 claymore, Raftela prepares herself for a battle. Apparently, in every generation, no. 10 is specifically chosen regardless her battle ability due to excellence in a specific ability. That special ability is sensory control by youki synchronicity. To simplify, she can dive deep down into her opponent’s heart and create an illusion to confuser her opponent.

Unknowingly, Miria falls into the trap easily since she’s confused by image of Hilda, her former friend that went over her limit and turned into an awakened being. Ironically, Miria was the one that killed Hilda without knowing that it’s Hilda (see previous chapter). The fight went down a hill since Miria lost her concentration and got badly injured. Fellow claymores that she knocked down earlier starting to regain consciousness and finished Miria easily.


What a tragic end for Miria and it just annoys me the fact that Miria finally gets some scenes and the author killed her within two chapters. The way that Miria died is something that never crossed my mind since I was hoping that she fights fair and square and dies. I guess that didn’t happen since she was outnumbered by 3 vs 1 and not to mention, a cheap trick by the organization using Miria’s heart took her down easily. Arghhhhh, I am really irritated by the way that Miria died. Does anyone get annoyed with how Miria died ?

Now that Clare and Miria died, I wonder who is next ? fellow readers, care to venture a guess ?

Since is no more, you can read chapter 107 here.